Sunday, 4 January 2015


This is my Amaryllis for this year, a gift from my really lovely best friend Jane.  I thought I would blog its progress every Sunday.  

I know it is probably the wrong time to start, but our garden is full of Bramble, although it yielded about six/seven pounds on Blackberries last year I cannot see it doing it again this year.  It was a bumper crop for everyone everywhere.  Not so much now but still have Bindweed in the garden, we tackled that a couple of years ago.  The last time we sorted the garden properly was two years ago, and we started late.  But this year we started on 29th December!  It was cold and frosty that day, but we decided to take heed from this!  

If you look at this post you can see stays holding up the fence.  We didn't put them there the next-door-neighbour did.  The wind caught their fence and they put them there to hold his fence up.  He did ask and we agreed but that was about five/six years ago...............  Then Alex went up the garden to feed the birds, and came in and said they're gone!  I had to go out and look for myself because I just didn't believe it,  they had become part of the garden I and was going to grow climbing roses up them!  Don't know when he removed them, but it does go to show back gardens are quite vulnerable.  We do get on with Kevin and Tracey, but I thought he could of knocked and come through the house even if he just threw the posts over the fence, and left through the front door.  When he put them up he climbed the fence, we helped him to wedge them against the fence.

We cleared the neglected part of the garden the bit we never get to because we are too exhausted then one year turns into another and it doesn't happen.  This is opposite the back door.  The Camellia could not be seen because of the Bindweed and Bramble.  The wall is the neighbours the otherside garage.  

There lots of buds on the Camellia.  It took us four days to clear the Brambles from here, and this is only a small patch!

I hard pruned the Bush Fuchsia. this morning.

To make room to tackle prickly corner!

There are Brambles growing behind the Yucca and they are growing inside the conservatory/lean-to/junkroom!

We'll work our way up the garden like we did last time just pruning,  it is too early to start digging, although some bulbs can be planted in February then we must tackle the Brambles at the bottom of the garden, we will regain about four foot of garden when that is cleared!


  1. Wow, I am impressed that you have been out gardening, I must say I am pretty much a fair weather gardener.

    Looking forward to seeing how the amaryllis progresses.


  2. You are both good already doing gardening. I just tidy up a bit and maybe empty pots but only when it is a bit warmer.

  3. Gardening is a never ending job isn't it? I have bought an Amaryllis houseplant this year for the first time and am going to start watering it/growing it from tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how each others gets on. x

  4. I'll enjoy watching your amaryllis grow each week, they are magnificent flowers.

  5. Well tackled, it is a bit too frosty here to start gardening as the ground is too hard. I agree with your confusion over your neighbour's actions. Hey ho, probably just thought as he gets on with you, you wouldn't mind him retrieving his supports.

  6. Happy new year Julie. I need to get out into our garden, its a mess but sadly was neglected last year.I must admit I am a fair weather gardener though.

  7. Well done for all you have done so far, no time like the present. Good luck with the rest. x

  8. Wow, well done you, I just sit and look at mine

  9. You are doing well......I want a garden boohoo! x

  10. I don't think anyone's garden looks nice at this time of year I need to get in mine and clear some of my pots out the frost has just killed a lot of my plants. Well done on clearing yours :-) dee xx

  11. Hi Julie,
    Good luck with reclaiming your garden. Its been so mild recently - we've been gardening too. Great therapy this time of year, as it clears your head as well as the land! :)
    Niki x

  12. Pleased to have found your blog and very much looking forward to seeing your garden updates. Hopefully if the rain stops we will be out in ours this weekend starting the process of tidying.

  13. You've been very industrious! :) Xxxx


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