Sunday, 25 January 2015

Amaryllis - week 4 and a week in the garden........................

Just about to burst, can't wait to see the blousey blooms!  As a friend said the other day it a pity they don't have a scent as well.

The bottom of the garden last Sunday morning

By Wednesday.  We are only out there about an hour a day, it takes about an hour to fill a bag!

By Saturday morning!  We can now see the fence.

These berries were in amongst the dead twigs, think they are Honeysuckle berries.

The first place we cleared, things are growing again...............

The Bay needs pruning, must do that this year!  Growing every upwards and outwards across the garden!  One herb I never buy, I have a pick of the best leaves!

The Yucca is doing the same!  This one will have pieces sliced off at the roots.

After the rain!  Looks pretty with the raindrops sitting on the leaves

Pretty pink Japonica 

This is the sixteenth bag of Bramble etc, lots more to do!

I took is photo through the window so not to disturb the two Magpies and the Squirrel!


  1. You are doing an amazing job in your garden it will be well worth it though in the summer.


  2. Good work in the garden! My Amaryllis has 6 tall leaves and two stems with buds. It will be exciting to see what colour your flower will be! x

  3. My Amaryllis flowers are, 2 going over, one opening and one bud, 1st time I have not had all 4 open at once. But the is another bud growing. All you hard work in the garden will pay off this summer, just think how much bigger your garden will feel.

  4. Your amaryllis will soon be at the ceiling at this rate. Looking forward to seeing the blooms.

  5. You have certainly worked hard - well done, bet the garden feels so much bigger :) Talking of bigger - your amaryllis has grown!

  6. Gardening is always hard work but enjoyable especially when you see it all looking so lovely. Your amaryllis is going to be lovely, dee xx

  7. Your amaryllis is coming on lovely.

  8. Hi, i found your blog whilst blog hopping and noticed your Amaryllis. I have one too! the first time i've tried to grow one and i'm eagerly awaiting the flower :-) I'm amazed at how quickly they grow (sometimes as much as and inch in a night!!!). mine is currently standing at 15 inches, wow, how tall do they grow?
    I shall pop back and see how yours is blooming :-)

  9. Japonica is so pretty, you've just reminded me that I'll have to buy a plant for the garden as it does cheer up these wintry months.

  10. One for sorrow...Two for joy! Lots of joy to be had in your garden, Julie! :)
    Good luck with it all - isn't it just the best therapy? :) Niki x

  11. You have done a great job clearing the garden! It is such hard work but satisfying to see the changes. Love the pretty honeysuckle berries, like a little wreath, and the japonica is so pretty.
    Helen xox

  12. You've worked very hard, our poor garden is very neglected at the moment xx


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