Sunday, 2 October 2011

Jolly Weekend!

Beautiful weekend, well in the Southwest anyway! Anybody would think it was a height of summer, but alas no it is 2nd October, something to do with the Gulf Stream! And it is very disconcerting that is is really hot and it gets dark by 7.30 and getting dark earlier every minute. Bit too hot for me I'm afraid, I don't do heat very well. We both had a wonderful weekend though. First of all we went to Taunton yesterday morning just to look at the shops I bought Liam some clothes (a fur lined jacket would you believe?) for part of his Christmas presents; I also tried to purchase cotton sheeting for the quilts I am making but the shop said they were ordering Monday. Then we had lunch, did a bit more looking round the shops.  When the time for the carpark was up we drove to here and had a fun afternoon Great place for nostalgia in childhood TV. I can actually say I remember every Dr. Who since 1963 with William Hartnell (never thought then I would actually have a son who would appear in an episode of Dr Who) and although I personally was not allowed to watch much TV especially on days weatherwise like today, and I was only allowed to watch things approved by mum, and remember TV was not 24hrs then either I could name nearly every character!........Oh! I feel really old!

There was a different varieties of radios

and televisions in every corner and space possible
Muffin the Mule - one of the first television puppets

as well as many toys and games with a TV theme

as well as books and annuals

as well as radio annuals
I remember this character very well.  He is called Twizzle.  Twizzle had concertina legs who always helped his friends.  Is there anyone else would like to remember Twizzle.......?
photo collection of the Man from Uncle
I have a blank wall in my kitchen, I asked for a large picture of David McCallum
Wasn't allowed one!

after afternoon tea and cake at the museum
we went to see Hen and her lovely family and wonderful cottage

I purchased this for Caitlin, but grany thinks she may keep it to be played with only at her house.  The dollies are mine from when I was Caitlins age.  I managed to find the knitting pattern to re-make the white clothes! 
Yes that is a grass skirt you see on the black doll, but it has been there since she was created probably the early fifties!

This morning we went a book fair and bought these Caitlin and Liam
after lunch we went to the station to see what was there as it was a Steam Weekend. was Norton Manor having a photo-shoot on the turntable!  Something us locals don't often see because they only seem to use it for special weekends! 

Cornish Pasty's........................?
It seems the whole franchise is wrong!
someone else has complained about it too!


  1. I think someone should email them and tell them of their mistake !!!
    Get on to it girls .... for the sake of the English language!
    Sounds like you had summer early and late and NOT in the middle !

  2. Wow, you've been busy! We must put that museum on our list of things to do when we're next down - its vintage audio heaven!

  3. I'm afraid to say I also remember Twizzle.

  4. The Cornish Pasty's (sic) van drives me mad every time I see one! I saw one today however at the Dairy Event in Shepton Mallet and hooray! It was spelt properly. At long last.


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