Thursday, 4 November 2010

Spuds & Flu Bugs!

Do you remember this.......................?
Well I planted it in a pot as I do all my vegetables that I grow.

got this!

and these......................

and found this Ladybird lurking in the garden too!

We both have the flu! Well we think it is flu, the symptoms are the same but we are not blowing noses and going through tons of kitchen and loo rolls, this is aching limbs, lethargy and a nasty cough! I have had it since Monday Alex is two days behind me. I know I managed to blog on Monday but that was after and hours sleep in the afternoon - not good on my part I don't sleep in the afternoons. All Monday morning at work I felt shivery my head was also spinning not sure why I thought my cold and cough were going as I was into week four. I hadn't eaten from Monday lunchtime to Wednesday evening, and Alex had been plying me with chocolate, I now have a little stash on a plate because I just didn't fancy CHOCOLATE! I haven't been to work since Monday and Monday and Tuesday evening I went to bed at 7pm and went straight to sleep. I also haven't done anything either. I have a craft fair at the end of the month and was hoping to get things made! Today was the first day I went into the garden.
In case any body was wondering I had the result of the mammogram - I haven't got to go back for three years!


  1. First off, I am so glad that your results were negative. That must bring you some peace of mind. Who would have thought that the ugly old potato in the back of the fridge would produce such lovely babies!!! I hope you feel better soon.x

  2. Get well soon. Glad the mammogram was OK and amazing what you can grow from a manky old scrap isn't it?


  3. Great news, I'm so glad for you.
    Sorry to hear about your flu though, I hope you both get better soon!

  4. Great news about the mammogram!
    Hope the cold clears up soon.

  5. You must be feeling really poorly to turn down CHOCOLATE! Good news re your mammogram. I hope you feel much better soon! SueXX

  6. So pleased about the test results, what a relief. I see swine flu is on the increase again. Is this maybe what you have? Whatever it is, keep warm and get well soon.


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