Thursday, 25 November 2010

I wanted something unusual..........

..................on which to display my brooches and smaller items at the craft fair at the weekend, so I made this!

I didn't take photographs of how to do it, but the instructions are quite simple! Find an old 78rpm record that you aren't likely to want to listen to, and find a smallish casserole dish. Upturn the dish onto a baking sheet and place the record centrally onto the base of the dish and place into the oven after you have turned the oven off and have finished cooking and while the oven is still warm. I had the oven on 200 degrees centigrade and left the record for about five minutes then removed it. You can either leave to cool on the dish you moulded it on or place it on to another cold upturned casserole dish. Do not place it on a flat surface because it will go flat again! I then used my cake stand fittings to make the stand.



  1. eBrilliant idea isn't it. Kirsty showed how to do that too on her Handmade Home programme this week. Now all we need is some records!


  2. Very clever Julie...but didn't your hubby go mad?! Was it one of his records?! Ha ha!

  3. A great idea. I too watched Kirsty do a similar thing and my son thought it was so 'cool'! x

  4. What a brilliant idea. Love it.
    A x

  5. Cor! I love it - what a novel idea for a cakestand!


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