Monday, 1 November 2010

Those Radio Times!

I have just read Niki's post and saw the first picture which I love. Alex has been collecting these ever since I have know him over thirty years! We have all sorts. wooden ones, bakelite ones and Lots of spare bits!! So I thought if I can't beat him I'll join him. so I collect these, I only have a small collection because I started the collection about ten years ago.

1930's when embroidery was at it height
but the two at the bottom are 1950's

My favourite one from the collection is this one
because it has not been stitched

I still has it original price label one shilling and three farthing
equivalent of about ten and half pence
in new money, but I suspect still expensive at the time.
These leather ones came into being after television was brought into homes

These ones are from the 1960's to today.


  1. wow what a wonderful piece of history you have been collecting- lovely! ;0)
    i especially love the un-stitched cottage scene...beautiful x

  2. What a lovely collection.....the stitched ones are beautiful!x

  3. They are lovely! Funnily enough I have seen a few of these lately - I'll have to buy them next time I see some!
    I remember ones for covering the telephone directory too!


  4. Wow, what a great collection!

  5. What a beautiful collection of radio times covers! Sad that this kind of thing is no longer made...
    Isabelle x

  6. Takes me back to a gentler and less hurried time - I remember the leather ones too and had one I think back in the 70s. I am desperately trying to think where Gliddon's was in the High Street in Yeovil - if you know do tell.


  7. fantastic collection! lovely xxx

  8. I never knew that the Radio Times had so many covers!!! x

  9. Great items to collect Julie. I think I have had one or two in the past.


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