Thursday, 27 August 2009

They don't do things like they use to..................

Whenever my friend Meg and her family go on holiday she leaves me with a key to go into her house and feed the Cats............, the Gerbils.................... and the African Land Snails........quite yuckky! The Snails that is!

Meg always brings me a thank you pressie, this pressie was a lovely surprise as I often look at this book whenever I see them on it book shelf, but the funny thing is Meg has never seen me look at this particular book so it was a lovely surprise. For a long time now I have been very interested in the Art Deco of the 30's, the straight lines the angular patterns, and the life during the war, in fact sometimes I read old wartime cookery books for inspiration and something healthy to eat that is slightly different!

No-one wears hats like this any more
Doing the laundry is a task in itself

These look fiddly to make but they look fun

I thought this way of exercising was really funny - does anyone do this?

I thought I would have go at The Further Adventures of the Thrifty Mrs Menu Challenge. I go to Tesco with a comprehensive shopping list. I have an item listed "Fruit & Veg"! Tescos often have a three for two off or a buy one get on free, these offers I tend to go for, I also try and buy my fruit and veg without wrapping and a sell by date, my theory with fruit and veg is if its gone mouldy then its gone off, and I try not to let it get that far! We are not vegetarians but we do eat a lot of fruit and veg. There is only two of us in the house now so sometimes I make something last two days.
My menu for this week is:-

Saturday - Ploughmans to eat up last weeks salad
Sunday - Salmon with potatoes and salad or peas - £3 Tescos
Monday - Sausages (Half Packet) Potatoes & Peas
Tuesday - Sausages (Half Packet) Stir Fry & Potatoes (Forgot to buy noodles) (Stir Fry, Sauce and Noodles/Potatoes were on offer - buy any three items for £2.50)
Wednesday - Egg and Chips Alex goes out this evening
Thursday - Ratatouille and Lamb chops and Potatoes
Friday - Ratatouille Chicken/Pork chops or whatever is at the Farmers Market
I probably won't go to Tescos now till about three weeks time, I'll buy locally for anything I need like lettuce etc. - I expect I will buy whatever the Farmers Market has to offer till then.


  1. I love the Art Deco period too... what a brilliant book. I always have a meal plan and it saves me so much time ... and money. I couldn't live without it now.xx

  2. Great book... And what a lovely friend you have and vice-verse!


  3. Thank you for your lovely comments. Not always easy looking after someone's pets. I have 2 cats and do not like the 'gifts'...I try and save as many as I can if still alive.
    I love the magazines and adverts. I collect them, they are fascinating. I love the style of advertising. The keep fit is interesting. Will have to show to my husband who used to be a fitness instructor.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  4. Thanks for stopping by and your comment.. how amazing that you remember that year too.. it was dramatic wasn't it!
    I was on a hill called Jaw Bones hill way up above the river.. it is stunning isn't it?
    How's the menu plan going?


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