Sunday, 2 August 2009

Boot Fair!

Although looking a bit grey we decided we would go to the Boot Fair. We shouldn't go really over the years going to Boot Fairs, Charity Shops, Jumble Sales this has been our downfall! We now have too much STUFF! Not all Vintage and not all Junk! We keep saying we must do a Boot Fair, but when the weather is right we are not ready or visa verse - one day............. However this morning was just right, and I bought yet more stuff!

Taken as we were leaving - we arrived at the allotted time,
but there were loads of cars in the car park to buy!
Sellers set up at 9am, buyers arrive at 9.30!

Two large Tray Cloths £1
Ladybird book 50 pence

Rosie & Jim £2.
When the boys were younger we used to
sit and watch this together.

Two large Tablecloths £4.
Not embroidered yet!
So something I will enjoy doing!


  1. Hi Julie!
    Can't wait to see the tableclothes embroidered!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. You'll be able to embroider the tablecloths..then cut them up and make something...LOL!!

  3. hi julie
    i love the tray cloths and the ladybird book, cant wait to see your embroidery on them!! fliss xx


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