Monday, 26 November 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

Rain rain go away,
Come again another day.
Little Johnny wants to play;
Rain, rain, go to Spain,
Never show your face again

Somehow I don't thinks Spain want's it either, as it says in this historical nursery rhyme.

1976 Denis Howell was a appointed minister for Weather, the following day (I do remember the month was September) the heavens opened!  At the beginning of this year all we heard on the news was the word "drought" well you would think common sense would prevail and not mention this word because there has been nothing but dull days - OK there may have been a few sunny days thrown into the mix but most days were dull!  Is there a Sun Dance we could all do?  There must be one, we have all heard of a Rain Dance so there must be one for the sun - isn't there..............?

I should have done this post yesterday but somehow yesterday ran away with me after doing various jobs and defrosting the freezer and putting the stuff back in some sorted fashion at ten o'clock last night!  

Top of my road looking down
We took a walk around a couple of roads where we live early on Sunday morning.  We actually live on the top of a hill, and there is an actual stream that runs down our road starting on the left-hand side coming down from the hills then weaves its way through the back-gardens of the houses on the right and goes back to the left side at the bottom of the road then continues underground through town to the sea. 

Someones cat watching the fast flowing water
Late Saturday night the water flowing past our house was ankle deep.  
Nothing compared with what some people are going through.  

Children having fun with a dinghy and a rather large puddle
Back outside our house looking up the road

Nothing to do with this post but I would like to wish our middle son Happy 30th Birthday today

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  1. I am really feeling for everyone affected by the awful weather at the moment. To have your home flooded or in danger of flooding must be so terrible. We've had loads of rain and high winds, but not the worst of it at all. Let's hope it stops soon. Enough is enough!

  2. I feel so lucky not getting flooded; a friend at the other end of town has a flooded cellar :( - it is a bit hairy getting to my mum's from here though as the roads are pretty deep in places

    Hope your middle son has a super birthday... don't they grow up far too fast?!

  3. Happy birthday wishes to your son.
    I too live on a hill, my heart goes out to all those affected, Mother Nature has a lot to answer for right now!

  4. I am singing both songs with you rain rain go away and sunshine come and play. Its truely depressing for many. Happy birthday to your son i will email you later. dee xx

  5. Lucky you live on top of a hill Julie! This wet weather has really got me down. Remember the hosepipe ban earlier this year? Happy Birthday to your son. I hope that he can enjoy it despite the rotten weather! x

  6. So glad the flooding hasn't affected you and my heart goes out to all those who are suffering with flooding at the moment. Our street flooded quite badly with six of our neighbours having water enter their property but luckily we are higher up and not affected. Stay warm and dry ... M x

  7. Hope you're still keeping dry. The river is in flood here but fortunately our house is on a hill.

    I actually found myself checking mean sunlight hours the other day, and yes they are down this year ... you're right, we all need a good dose of sunshine!

  8. It's been really bad hasn't it? :( x

  9. It looks rather wet - hope the waters go down soon.
    Love from Mum


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