Friday, 30 November 2012

Advent Calendars

Its 1st December tomorrow which means we open doors on the advent calendar!
I used to love opening each door to see what the little picture that was hidden behind.  I don't think the chocolate Advent calenders was heard of in the sixties.

Anyway would anybody like to join me in posting a  christmassy picture everyday on their blog as if it were an Advent calender.  It could be a wintry scene, it could be just a picture of a Christmas card, anything leading up to 24th December.


  1. You reminded me that I'd better get Monkeychild's calender out ready for tomorrow. Thanks Julie!

    Good idea about the Christmas picture posting, but I'll pass on this as I've been hopeless with keeping up with my blog this year, let alone posting regularly!


  2. Love your Christmassy picture today, Julie! As a child I used to love opening the advent calendar doors each day....I found it really magical to see those little scenes!
    Have a great weekend!
    Helen x

  3. That would be a great idea but for me I'm afraid I dont seem to have much time at the minute.Everyday is packed to the rafters with stuff to do.

  4. What a great idea, I use to love the pictures.... no chocolate for me either! I'm going to try & join in :) xx

  5. I'm going to try and keep up.

  6. A lovely idea Julie but I wouldn't be able to commit to doing it every day. I remember advent calenders when we were quite happy to see a picture and not expect a chocolate behind every window! I think the run up to Christmas goes so quickly with the advent calender. x

  7. I hope to do a post each day so call me a joiner inner.
    Love from Mum


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