Thursday, 22 November 2012

November Flowers

Immediately after I published my last blog post our computer crashed in a spectacular fashion!  It didn't just crash it CRASHED!  Nothing could be done to save it.  Luckily 95% of the stuff saved was on an external driver so not all was lost, but this saved stuff cannot run without programmes, but I did loose all my email addresses, so if you read this and we email sometimes please could you email me.  Anyway, here all day and no computer, I don't mind if I am not in the house, or I stay with my dad I don't hanker after the computer but I do when I am here and whats more I prefer this computer it is large takes up a lot of room with the scanner and the printer which I use quite a lot, and Adobe programme and its - wells its cuddly and a real old friend.  Alex went out and bought a laptop, new to us but a secondhand laptop which has the google  "vista" on it.  The programmes I use do not run on vista, so we gritted our teeth and ran the clean-up disc and then everything was GONE!  Programmes had to be reloaded, so discs had to hunted out from the place they were stored because we didn't think we needed them, it took a week to reload everything, well the reloading didn't take a week it was "outlook express" I like outlook express, it is easy to use and very easy to attach attachments, what we didn't realise was that if the laptop was up and running, it pinched all my emails and nothing came through on this computer, I was getting more and more annoyed until Alex said close down the laptop and wait and watch, and low and behold my emails came though on this computer, so now I am one happy person I have my old friend back! The computer needed a good clear out anyway just one of those things we never got around too, it still had games on from when our boys were here!

These roses have nothing to do with the computer crashing, the were in the garden,and have been trying to flower since the beginning of October, but it is now the middle of November, so I thought it was about time they were plucked and bought indoors, anyway I cannot see them from my windows.

Looking at them in this photo they look half dead but assure you they came out in the warmth of the house.

I made these felt flowers

and these woolly ones too.  I will be putting them in my shop soon when my friend Jane has seen them as she wanted to purchase a couple of bunches for Christmas presents


  1. Tecnology wastes so much time sometimes,i've just had to have a new phone and its caused me so much trouble getting it up and running due to techical issues.
    So pleased you were able to sort yours.

    I too have some summer flowers that are opening their buds in the garden still. Mother nature is so weird this year.

  2. Glad you didn't loose everything. A good warning how important it is to back up.
    Lovely ffelt and woolly flowers. We've still got some summer flowers struggling along.
    Carol xx

  3. Glad it wasn't too much of a disaster. New technology eh? It makes me come over all Luddite-like. xx

  4. So glad you have managed to sort everything out ... I wouldn't have a clue what to do if anything went wrong. I used to get so frustrated trying out new things on my blog that I don't even try any more! Love the flowers. Good luck with your new vintage blog. M x

  5. Sounds like a real nightmare. Must back up more often as I'd be lost if mine crashed.

  6. So sorry your computer crashed but glad to hear everything is now sorted. Love the flowers there really sweet. dee xx

  7. I too am having computer problems at the moment. It is frustrating. The computer will need to go in to get repaired as I seem to have lost many items including most of my photos which I don't have copies of ... Grrrr!

  8. How frustrating but so good that you have back up, it is so important to back up essentials! Suzy x

  9. Hi Julie, so glad you sorted out your computer problems, your little felt posies are lovely, felt is so nice to work with. x


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