Friday, 12 October 2012

Spot the Mistake!

How many mistakes can you find?  We have found six (seven actually - same one twice)!
Do people not proof read anymore?
I have blocked out certain information so not to cause embarrassment. 

Click on pictures and take a closer look
List the words in your comment
Answers tomorrow and I will send a little prize to the first one out of the hat!


  1. Golly gosh!! who wrote that lol

    1. Minimum
    2. Tartare
    3. Order
    4. Cranberry
    5. Tartare (again)
    6. Coleslaw
    7. Mayonnaise
    8. Garlic Mayonnaise (again)
    9. Served
    10. Chocolate

  2. Wow, it is amazing really isn't it! have happy weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x

  3. All the above plus pickled gherkin! x

  4. There's no excuse for it, is there? Obviously they've never heard of a dictionary or spell check!


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