Saturday, 20 October 2012

Me and My Blogs!

Since April, I have been feeling - well I don’t know how I have been feeling.  I feel I have lost my way.  The feeling is indescribable.  I feel I am in the proverbial dark tunnel not seeing the light yet - well maybe, read on……..  I lost my job in April, the job I really loved, I had been there seven and half years I actually didn’t mind getting up and going to work, even on bad days!  I was in my element, I was selling things I knew about.  I know about haberdashery and yarns and threads, it is something that comes very natural to me, not so much about art stuff, but I learnt (it was a craft shop).  I lost the job because of new owners and new brooms and all that!  Since April, whenever I have started something it always seems the goal posts got moved, people stopping me doing things because I was asked to do something else,  things not finished, things left in limbo or things just not started that I wanted to make because I had no get-up-and-go!  I just didn’t know what to do for the best.

I have been inspired by a lovely lady called Helen.  We have met on a few occasions and each time she inspires me more and more.  We have had great chats, it’s a pity she lives so far a away.  Recently I have been at my dads, he just turned eighty,  I took my knitting, there was no computer so I did a lot of thinking.  Sometimes it is not good to think to much, but I think my thinking this time may take a positive turn - I hope!

As you know I collect vintage magazines, I sit and read them quite regularly, thinking I could make that, and that, and so on……..and as you know I have made these and this, and this all from the vintage magazines.  So this is what I have decided!

KC’s Court - this blog where I am writing now. This is my main blog, the place where I just chat about things and show and tell.

It Works For Me… - is where I give you hints and tips that I have worked out for myself and thought I would share.

View from Minehead Station

All Aboard the Sky Lark!.-This is my photograph album, of trips out, or when we just go for a walk locally

Boxes in the Loft - is where I sell items.  If anybody would like anything just email me and I will reserve it for you and send you a PayPal form.
I will be selling bric-a-brac and other items.

War Time Civilian receiver recently restored by Alex
aka - Utility Set

And last but not least the new blog on the block!

Julie’s New Patch - I started it because for some reason I wanted a new blog, to me it’s a bit like having a nice new note book to write in.  But I have made a mess of the first page and have “torn” the page out and started again!  Please take a look, I am hoping this will be my new adventure!
I will be working at my pace to create vintage things from vintage patterns using vintage and modern fabrics and yarns, so please keep popping by and having a look

I also have two other shops Folksy and Etsy  

photo courtesy of Helen at Bustle & Sew

Little Shop on the Corner - This where I sell my patterns which I have created and designed.

Court Yard Vintage - This is my new adventure!
I will be working at my pace to create vintage things from vintage patterns using vintage and modern fabrics and yarns, so please keep popping by and having a look

All these pictures are in the side-bar just click on them and they will take you to the different places!


  1. Hi Julie, I will pop by your other blogs in a moment. I am sorry that you feel you have lost your way. I am still trying to find mine! I think you are taking a lot on by trying to maintain all these blogs. Five blogs and two shops! That is an awful lot to keep up. I think most people know you as KC's Court. Couldn't you intergrate 'It works for me' and 'All aboard the skylark' in to K C's Court? I only have two blogs now Linden Grove and Pootling with Paper. I hardly get time to update the Pootling with Paper blog and haven't updated my etsy in ages! I hope you don't think I am speaking out of turn and I know it is none of my business what you do but please don't burn yourself out especially if you feel you don't have enough time to complete things as it stands already. Good luck with whatever direction you choose to take. x

  2. Hello Julie

    Sorry to hear your long time job finished. I am sure you will eventually realize it is all for the best.

    Wishing you much success in your blogs


  3. Hi lovely Julie,
    I was so sorry to hear that you lost your that you clearly loved so much.
    Sometimes it's good to have some quiet time away from the computer to think things through. You are wonderfully talented with your needle and thread and you have a huge amount of knowledge about vintage makes too. Hopefully, you will find the right place where you can challenge both. Have you ever thought about sending your work to magazines or writing articles?
    I'm off to explore your new links now!
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday,
    Susan x

  4. Wow sounds like you are surging onwards and upwards, good for you! Good luck with all your new glad you are feeling energised,

    Sarah -x-

  5. Wow, good luck with all those blogs! I find it tricky to keep up with all my various online places, etsy,folksy,facebook etc. I too lost my job 2 years ago, but now am back to work doing the same kind of job and loving it!! Best wishes to you x

  6. Gosh! I'm sorry to read you've been having a hard time of things lately Julie. But my goodness you have stamina! So many blogs!!

    Good luck with all your new ideas and endeavours m'dear :D

  7. I'm sorry you have been through such a lot over the last year or so, Julie. Sometimes when changes happen so fast it does take time to find your way again. I know from reading your blog for quite a long time now that you have a lot of talent for needlework, and a real love and knowledge of vintage publications and patterns. I'm so glad to hear that you are planning to follow this interest and explore it much more, I think it's a great idea! Wishing you lots of luck, and I will pop in to (all) your blogs to see what you are up to!
    Helen x

  8. Good luck with your new adventures,

  9. Look forward not back my little blogging friend. I think we all go through patches like this from time to time and you are not alone. Focus on the good things and cut out any unnessary crap from your life...can you tell I write with experience? :-)
    Share your feelings....and if it helps write it in an email and send it to me...I'm a good listening ear. I'm sending you big hugs and the offer of a shoulder any time.
    Annie x

  10. Hi Julie.
    I'm sorry to hear about your job loss. I know about that unsettled floundering feeling. The feeling of loss. In the last 3 years I've lost 3 jobs through no fault of my own. Mostly through the owners not running their businesses efficiently. I don't think they know or care what the effect is on their staff. It just takes time to find your way again and to start to trust people again. But you know what they one door closes another one opens and in my experience it's usually better than the one that closed. I found a feeling of freedom, I've been able to grow and fly instead of being tethered.
    I hope you find your way and you're happier for it.
    love Fi x

  11. Sorry to hear you're felling all limbo-ey, not a nice place to be at all, hope you get nice and un-fogged soon

    I'm off for a good browse round all your blogs - and you have inspired me to start a new one as a photo album too... I have a Flickr account but they only let you have 200 piccies for free and I shall keep that for my monthly makes xxxx

  12. Hi Julie,I'm so sorry to hear about your job,I hope you are feeling a bit better. I'm going to pop in to your other blogs too,good luck for the future.
    Keep your chin up lovely,Xxxxx

  13. Hi Julie. Such a shame to hear about your job. These things are sent to try us. Im off for a browse of all your blogs. Love Katie xx

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your job, that is rotten. I hope you are feeling more positive about stuff now and what wonderful new blogs you have I wish you all the luck with your new endeavors...I am off to folksy to buy your wonderful seagull knitting pattern he is so cute I can resist no longer x


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