Thursday, 23 August 2012

We met Ben!

 Helen invited us to lunch.   We were a bit late caused by various hold-ups on the road but we eventually arrived and greeted by wonderful Helen and the biggest, softest, gentlest, giant blackest  most beautiful dog.  Ben if you know Helen's blog is often featured.  The weather was a bit hot for him so he just lazed on the cool ground while we chatted.  

We had a choice of two wonderful Quiches of smoke salmon, and broccoli and cheese and lots lovely salads followed by Eaton Mess

Occasionally Ben joined the conversation

Afternoon tea before we left

Helen's apple tree has not only a few apples but has blossom too!
(click on picture to see clearer)

I saw the items which will be seen in the next Bustle and Sew magazine - they look wonderful.
And before I left Helen gave me this embroidered cover to add to my collection.  I thought there were only Radio Times ones, but I have knitting one and now this one for blotting paper. 

Last Sunday took another trip to Lacock (19 August) where they had 1940's Lacock.

This was inside the caravan

1940's Armoured First Aid tent

This lady was kind enough to let me take a photograph of her and her car.
My dad in the early sixties had the next version of this car a Baby Austin

This is how you learnt to drive before road tests 
 my maternal grandfather was one of the last drivers that actually never took a driving test!

and there was a fly past of the Wellington


  1. Lovely doggy photo. Looks like you had a great day out at Lacock - I clicked to enlarge the caravan one and saw a fox terrier print on the wall - which is fab.

  2. Lacock looks like a great place to visit.

  3. Love that Blotter cover, and it looks familiar ... I think my Gran may have had one!

  4. Ben is beautiful!!! Looks like a lovely day out :) x

  5. Ahh Ben is gorgeous ;-)) Looks like you had a wonderful day and that event looked brilliant. Enjoy your weekend, dee xxx


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