Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bloomin' weather!

Yesterday we decided, the weather looked good ~ yes here in Somerset.  The sun was shining brightly!  We took ourselves off to A' La Ronde near Exmouth in Devon.  As we crossed the Somerset-Devon border on the motorway the weather changed dramatically.  The heavens opened, we couldn't believe it!  But we had a really great time there.  The house itself isn't very big and on a clear day you can see the sea!  This house is famous for the shell gallery but the public are not allowed to view it close-up because it is quite delicate, but there is a video, and you can view it through mirrors too.  Around one of the rooms there is a frieze of pictures made entirely of feathers.  Fascinating  place, it showed what people did before television.  Embroidery, Shell collecting, making pictures from different objects - great ideas that have been lost in time.
The weather was so atrocious, the curaters of the house are prepared, they make you feel very welcome, they take your wet coats and hang them up.

You are not allowed to  take pictures in the house, but the Laundry was in an outbuilding.

The washing machine
there is also a tiny sink just next to the this tub for delicates and hand washing

The soap powder
You grated the soap in to the hot water.

The pre wash tub

For really soiled washing
and for the clean wash to be taken to the spin dryer

The spin dryer

We were going to walk along the beach for awhile as we hadn't been to Exmouth in a long time, but you couldn't see the sea, so we came home back across the Devon-Somerset border into brilliant sunshine again!
We stopped off at Morrison's for a gooey cream cake, which is what we probably would have had if we had stayed longer

We like to share, sorry there was only enough for two, we had these with Earl Grey Tea

More pictures of A' La Ronde can be found here


  1. What a lovely day out. I have read about this place before, It looks really interesting. Love Katie x

  2. What a pity you weren't allowed to take photos. When we visited last year you were allowed as long as you didn't use a flash - there must have been a change of policy! It is an eccentric but wonderful house. The sun is trying to peek through here today but it is very windy and they call this Summer!

  3. It sounds like a fascinating place, glad we have washing machines these days. that cake looks delicious, you do the same as us, choose two different ones and halve them
    Sue :)

  4. We visited here last March and WERE allowed to take photos...I took hundreds (lots on my blog), because, like you say, it is such an inspiring place and the craft works and collections are superb...I love the fact that the ladies moved around the house from room to room, following the sunlight for maximum time to craft and create!
    Not that there was much of that when you visited in the rain! ;-))

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Niki :)

  5. That looks like a lovely place; I must add it to the 'To Visit' list.

  6. Looks a beautiful place to visit. Yummy cakes and tea,perfect way to end the day out.

  7. I expect there's been a lot of hanging up of wet coats this year! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit though and finished the day off nicely with sunshine, cream cakes and tea. Hope you get some sunshine and a visit to the beach soon.

  8. What a fascinating is now on my 'to visit' list! Lovely to end with cream cakes and tea and a bit of sunshine after the rain :)
    Helen x

  9. Such a shame for the weather! Lovely place, thank you for sharing Julie!


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