Monday, 16 April 2012

MY BIRTHDAY - yesterday!

It was my birthday yesterday - after the week I have had.........
I thought we would have a proper party!
with JELLY and CAKE
I invited my two favourite people with their mummy and daddy.
They really cheered me up. 
The reason I needed cheering-up was because the shop in which I loved working for seven and half years had been bought by someone else before just Christmas and on Tuesday they made me redundant! 


  1. Hi Julie! Belated Birthday wishes. I bet your two favourite people loved the jelly and cake! I do love a jelly! I am so sorry to hear that you have been made redundant. Redundant is such a horrible word isn't it? I hope you find something else you love doing. x

  2. oh julie! you are such a lovely soul- look at that spread! wowza you treat you family so well ;0)!
    and your two littly's havent they grown- cutie pies xx

  3. Happy belated birthday, Julie. I'm glad you had a lovely day. So sorry to hear about the job. Like Simone, I hope you find something else. xx

  4. So sorry to hear that Julie, hope your birthday party cheered you up.
    Best wishes
    Milly and Dottie

  5. Happy Birthday for yesterday. Such a pity about the job front. Hope your luck will change soon.
    Love from Mum

  6. A bleated VERY Happy Birthday! So sorry to hear about your job ... hope you find something else soon. M x

  7. Oh Julia i am so very sorry to read your news about your job but everything is done for a reason and something new and exciting is waiting in your life for you it wont be long. Use the time to do things you have always wanted to do but never had the time. Turn the negative into a positive ;-) Happy birthday your party looked lovely. Hugs, dee xxxx

  8. Hi Happy Birthday and what a lovely tea party ! I love hard boiled eggs !
    Sorry to hear about your job , every cloud has a silver lining. I was made redundant and its done me good having a change.
    Have a good week
    Sue x

  9. A very Happy Birthday to you!

    So so sorry to hear that your job has come to and end....good luck with finding a new

  10. Very sorry to hear about your job, but good to see you made the best of your birthday.

    Hopefully something bigger and better job wise will turn up for you soon.


  11. Happy Birthday for yesterday,Your tea party looks so yummy,especially the cake and jelly :)
    I'm so sorry to hear of your redundancy,its still the same in our house,hubby frantically looking for a new job,I do hope you find something you love just as much soon.lots of love juliexoxoxox

  12. Happy birthday for yesterday julie, what a fab party you all had, but I am sorry to hear about your redundancy, heres hoping this is the start of a new beginning for you xxx

  13. Oh so sorry you lost your job.Chin up and keep optimistic. And happy birthday too!

  14. Belated Birthday wishes and I'm glad you were able to share your special day with your family. My son is 12 and he still loves it when I make him strawberry jelly! I'm really sorry to hear that you have been made redundant but I'm sure the experience you have gained in the job you loved will put you at an advantage when looking for something else. Good luck and I hope you don't feel too down.

  15. Belated birthday greeting Julie, looks like you had a fab party.
    Sorry to read about loosing your job, hope you get sorted soon.
    Rose H

  16. Happy birthday Julie.... I love party tea! Sorry to hear about your job, I hope you find something else soon :) x

  17. Happy Birthday Julie. I am so sorry to hear about your job :( I am sure someone will snap you up soon. Best Birthday Wishes, Gillian

  18. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to you Julie and I'm so sorry to hear about the redundancy :-( I hope something turns up for you soon, too xxx

  19. Hi Julie

    Happy belated birthday! I am so sorry to read about you being made redundant, how awful for you. After so many years of working there too.
    Hopefully it could mean that a new door will open for you.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  20. Hello Julie, happy belated Birthday!
    I'm so sorry to hear such bad news about your job, we talked about the cut out of your work hours some months ago, but didn't imagine they would have you done this.
    Wishing you all the best!

  21. belated birthday wishes. So sorry to hear about your job.

  22. happy birthday for yesterday!
    those cakes looks yum!

  23. Belated birthday greetings.
    Hope this year is full of wonderful new beginnings.
    Carol xx

  24. Happy belated birthday. Just found your blog and love it. Sorry to hear about your job, but as one door closes another opens. Love Katie xx


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