Thursday, 19 April 2012

~ The Hussif ~

Thank you for the lovely encouraging comments you all gave me after yesterdays post. As Dee says things happen for a reason and I beleive that! 

My very first pattern for a Hussif can be found here and here

"Hussif or Housewife" traditionally, a folding bag or roll taken by men going to war in 1914 - 1918.

The Hussif is useful way to keep all your sewing equipment in hand.

This Hussif holds large scissors, embroidery scissors, rotary cutters, pens, pencils, patterns as well as needles and buttons.


  1. I hope you do really well selling your patterns Julie. I like the sound of a 'Hussif'! x

  2. Wow that is amazing i love the fabric you used and the padding in the middle. What a great useful design well done you ;-)) dee xxx

  3. Lol - I have never heard of a 'hussif' what a wonderful corruption of housewife! I really hope it all goes well for you. And - they look fab!!!


  4. Now I like the look of that :o)
    Rose H

  5. Good to chat on Saturday. I was so sorry to hear about being made redundant from your job. Lizzie


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