Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Afternoon to Remember!

This weekend is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.
She sank the night of the 14th April, the morning 15th April    

About thirty-five years ago we met Eva Hart.  She was about 77yrs old when we met her.  We sat opposite her at a wedding reception, now please pardon the pun, but to break the ice she said I was on the Titanic!  The whole table stopped talking and listened to this interesting lady, who finished by saying I never saw my father again!  She was just seven years when this real life adventure happened to her. 

A few years ago, I think about the ninetith anniversary
I heard this on the radio, something completely different!


  1. thanks for sharing i really enjoyed the youtube vids...eva harts moving...and the news of the iceberg was a great one too- made me smile ;0)xx

  2. Really interesting Julie, about Eva Hart and the poem about the polar bear! x

  3. What a lovely story. My Grandma has been telling everyone in the home she is in that she survived the titanic and 2 world wars - until I pointed out to her she was born 2 years after it sank!


  4. Wow, how amazing, she is the lady whose 'identity' I was given in the Titanic exhibition.How I would love to have met her and I bet everyone was fascinated.

  5. What a fascinating person to meet :o)

  6. What a wonderful opportunity you had to meet a survivor of the Titanic.

    We have just been watching the footage from the ship that has been retracing her steps.


  7. How interesting to have met somebody who'd been on the Titanic!

  8. Hi Julie, amazing, how wonderful to actually meet someone who survived that terrible tragedy.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Carol xx

  9. amazing that you met her. have a good week, dee xx

  10. Thank you for your comment onmy first fair. How wonderful to meet somebody on the Titanic. Julie xxx

  11. My Mum was Milvina Deans go to dressmaker.
    I never met her but I visited her house, which was like a museum to the Titanic.
    She told my Mum that someone asked if they could buy a lock of her hair, she sent some thinking they were completely insane!


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