Sunday, 4 March 2012

We've got one of those!

Over breakfast while reading my Country Living Magazine

Turning the pages I spotted this!

Now please feel free to go and read another blog right now..............

I know they are negleted and abused by my husband who keeps his crap vintage radio bits in them! Here are our cabinets.......

this one which was painted this yukky colour before we bought it about twenty years ago!
We paid about £5 for it.

and this not so nice one.........
a 1970's retro, it should have sliding doors at the top which we still have, but they were removed for easier use!

The one in the magazine

£1,980 !


  1. Those cabinets bring back childhood memories. My Mum used to have one in blue!!! x

  2. What a great cabinet and so practical.
    You are hiding a treasure.


  3. Helen's right, you are hiding a treasure. They're lovely aren't they but nearly £2000 is a ridiculous price. I had a blue one for many years but gave it away. Why oh why did I do that?

  4. Hello. My nan had one of those and it is my ambition in life to have one myself! I go all weak at the knees when I see one!

  5. I remember a yellow one when I was growing up too :o)

  6. Grams house had 2 of those, practical and full of goodies.

  7. Wow what a silly price, we had one left in this house when we moved in years ago, it's now in the shed storing stuff, the mind boggles :)
    Cate x

  8. You had better get painting !! Didn't Del Boy have one of those in his kitchen ? !
    Sue x

  9. When we moved into our first home the previous owner had left one in the shed! We used it to store nails and hammers etc! When we sold up we left it in situ! Why oh why did we do that! Particularly as it was in fairly good nick!

  10. DH's mum used to have one in her kitchen. Perhaps you should get the paint out and tart up the ones in the garage you might make a pretty penny. Mind you you'd need someone to buy them off you and who would for nearly £2000 pretty as they are. I'd keep them in the shed for another 20 years then see what the market's like then!
    Love from Mum

  11. Omg make him take his bits and pieces out and clean and paint it up say you need to make it pretty for all your lovely inside the house things ;-) But to be honest most garages or sheds have them in of the older generation ie my grans age ;-)) dee xxx

  12. I remember my Mum having one, the drop down front had a white enamel top just right for rolling pastry.

    You'd better get those on Ebay, you could have a nice holiday. lol

  13. I saw the same article and spluttered when I saw the price. Give me a battered original one any day!

  14. As pretty as they are I would have thought £2000 was a tad ambitious!

  15. Ooh, I love those cabinets...Hubby would have to find another cupboard while I painted those and filled them with pretty things!
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Susan x

  16. Lovely to see your cabinets! We had one when I was child, so it brings back lots of memories. Maybe it's time to rescue them from your hb now and give them a make over??
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  17. Well, they say 'what goes around comes around' and I suppose that means that if I can remember my Granny's pale blue one of these, I should now go out and buy a new one for a couple of grand! xC

  18. I have always wanted one of these with a passion, but whenever I mention it near my mum she shudders as she grew up with one! Maybe if my daughter in law goes 80s red & white retro I'll have the same reaction!

  19. Wow! amazing, I remember one too, can't remember if it was my mums or my grans!!

  20. Yes I laughed out loud when I saw that in country living mag for that price.My mum and dad had one in their kitchen in the 50's/60's.Shame it has long gone!

  21. There was one of those here when we moved in, but I've no idea what we did with it. It's not here any more though. What a shame with that kind of price-tag!

  22. We used to have a pale green one when I was a child, ours held loads of stuff and the 'drop down door' was brilliant for food prep.
    I saw the price in Country Living, absolutely ridiculous but someonewith more money than sense will no doubt buy it.
    Carol xx

  23. I've got one of those but it is in the garage but has no glass in one door. I got it for nothing when a friend was selling an old rectory to be demolished for a hotel. I went round scrounging everything I could, as I lived in a flat at the time I couldn't have much!

    Just found your blog from FQ's one.


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