Friday, 23 March 2012

More Flowers!

Last night Alex picked me up from Sally's house after I took some things round to her for our Fayre we went on to Morrisons for a little bit of shopping.........well more like bargain hunting it was 5.50pm!

I popped to the loo, and Alex went ahead to start shopping, when I found him these were in the trolly.  I didn't look at the price they came off the bargain trolly for the fruit and veg.
In the bunch there were these........

Loads of this of different sizes and varieties........

and this!

all for the princely sum of this!
YES! you read is correctly - but for those who need to take a second look
no I couldn't believe it either!
£35 to 25p - a BARGAIN don't you think!

from all the flowers I had last week - I had to break up the beautiful display but if I didn't........

The Irises are not looking their best - the Golden Rod is OK.
The yellow Roses I put into the vase with Robert's flowers

There were was also a few stems of this flower - I don't know what it is called (can anyone help with this?) but you can use them with flowers that go in water or you can use them in a dry flower display.  The petals feel like paper, and the stalks are rough.  I do know they are grown especially for flower diplays. 
I keep them now in a separate vase and until they look pass their best but I have some that are two or three years old.  Think I may chuck some away and replace them with with these!


  1. Wow, great bargin sweetie, can't imagine paying full price for these anyway! they put the prices up for Mother's Day, such a rip off! have a great weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. That is an amazing bargain! One does wonder at the original price tag though - looks like a Mothering Sunday special price! The flowers all look lovely and I think the last one is stattice, though I'm not an expert...

  3. A wonderful bargain! I think someone has made a mistake though and it should have been reduced to £25.00 not £0.25P!!! x

  4. Cor, wish I'd been there, what a bargain. so, how much profit do they make on the flowers then ????
    By the way the mauve flowers look like statice, we used to grow them on the allotment, I used to dry them.
    Lucky you

  5. What a fantastic bargain!!!

    A couple of days after valentines I got a similar buy, a beautiful rose bouquet that had been £20 for £1.50, not as good as your bargain but I was happy!!

    Fleur xx

  6. Wow that was a great bargain ;-) I love the yellow roses with the pinks they are so pretty. Enjoy them and have a great weekend lovely, dee xxx

  7. Mother's Day number 2 is much cheaper than Mother's Day number 1 - what a bargain. I was in Tesco's once when they were selling bunches of flowers for 10p. The house was like a florist's shop! I bet they still make a profit even at these low prices.
    Love from Mum

  8. Those flowers must be the bargain of the year, how lovely.

  9. i cant believe the original price- my days sooo pricey...but wowza such a beautiful bargain you got ;0)xx

    happy sunny day to you xx

  10. You got some great buys! I love flowers in the house as well as the garden.I dont do houseplants very well though I sort of tend to neglect them.
    Thank you for the comment on my blog, we must be the same age!

  11. Gorgeous flowers...what a wonderful bargain!!
    I do the same when I have a bouquet of flowers...that is, keep refreshing the ones that are ok so the display lasts a longer time.
    Enjoy your week and your flowers.
    Helen x


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