Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Happy Birthday! Ouch! Ouch! and Sorry!

It was our eldest son's 31st Birhday on Monday
Where did those years go...........?

I accidently broke one of my favourite knitting needles.
I sat on it!
Something has been digging my garden.
Is it a Mole....?  We get lots of Mole hills around the garden.
Is it a Rat or Mouse..........?
Is it a Fox or Badger...........?
OR perhaps..........
a Big Cat.............!

.................and  the SORRY!

I had an email from the Cancer Care people re-my email/letter I sent.  I sent an email when I got home because I was so angry, but I didn't get a very good response with them saying their web/email site was down, so I sent them a letter as well.

Here is their reply via email.............

Thank you for your e-mail, which was received on 8th March 2012.
I was very concerned to read that you were made to feel disappointed by the decision of our shop manager at the Exeter shop.
I have asked my senior colleague who is responsible for all of the shops in the Devon area to investigate this matter with the Shop manager. They have informed me that this decision went against standard practice, so they have spoken to the shop manager to emphasise this point.
The shop manager has requested that I pass on their sincere apologies to you for any upset caused over this matter and they hope you will return at some point in the future to continue supporting our vital work.
On behalf of Cancer Research UK, please accept my sincere apologies for the frustration that was caused. I hope the actions we have taken have reassured you of our commitment to our supporters.
Together we will beat cancer.


  1. Belated Birthday wishes to Michael. Why is it that our favourite things get broken and our least favourite seem indestructible? Hope you can find a replacement knitting needle. Glad to hear you have received an apology from the charity shop. It's good to hear that your complaint has been taken seriously and will hopefully be addressed.

  2. Happy belated birthday wishes to Michael. Im glad you had such a positive response back its good to know they took your letter and acted upon it by dealing with the staff at least you know that hopefully no one will ever get to feel the same way you did again. Take care, dee xxx

  3. Belated birthday wishes to Michael from me too.

    I've sat down on and broken one of my Favorited wooden knitting needles recently - I was gutted as it was a 'Knit Pro' Symphonie one.

    At least you had a reply from Cancer Care and they had the grace to acknowledge your complaint.

  4. Happy Birthday to your son Michael!
    So sorry to hear about your favourite knitting needle breaking....I always break my favourite mugs...while the others just seem to go on and on!
    Hope you have a happy week...and the sun comes back!
    Helen x

  5. It's good you got a reply and appology, but you should have complained about the prices while you were at it! :~)
    If your mystery digger appears and is the beast of bodmin, please please get a photo!

    Have a lovely easter!


  6. your lucky! my mum sat on her knitting needle and it went two inches into her arse!!!!


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