Sunday, 1 March 2009

I haven't done much!

I see I haven't posted for a fortnight.
I lead a very boring life!
I get up, breakfast, go to work, home by 12.30,
do housework then time to get dinner, then television!
My friend Jan sent me these old patterns, now I need
extra hours in my day....
Saturday went off to Taunton, we were wondering what was
established in 1775? It is now a disused pub!

Found these two items in a charity shop
both came to less than £5

Paid £1each for these in the local Poundland

..........and a £1 each for these in the same shop!

Sunday morning
spotted the Primroses arising from their winters rest

Chopped the tops of the Welsh Leek
which seems to have taken over the garden!

We'll dig the bulb bit up as we plant shrubs which will
smother the Welsh Leeks hopefully instead
of the other way round!
First of the many garden creatures
I wonder what this will grow into..........?

This afternoon I made these cards for shop display.
These three cards were made from one peel-off.

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  1. Hello thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I have had a bit of tuition from Marmalade Rose ( lovely blog) when I visited her. Must try another post sometime!!


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