Monday, 12 May 2014

Why don't you go and switch off you computer and go and do something less boring instead *

Will the person(s) who keeps putting a comment on my post please STOP!  
You are wasting your time because the comments go to my email box so I delete them straight away.

Not only does this person(s) leave a comment but also boasts about it on his/her blog too.

Please can anyone let me know if the word verification is on I have ticked the box but I just need to make sure!  


* Who remembers this TV programme?


  1. I smiled at the title of your post Julie, I remember that programme that was on TV called that.... oh dear..that makes me old!! lol.

  2. Yes, the word verification is on x

  3. Computers didn't exist in my day... so I must be prehistoric!
    Perhaps you should expose the culprit and we could all ask them why they do it. xx

  4. Sorry you have a pain as a follower, we blog for enjoyment xxxx My less boring is gardening xx

  5. Yes! I remember the programme and the theme tune! x

  6. I remember the programme!
    There are some strange folk around aren't there?
    Word verification is on.

  7. I do remember the programme, and reading your title made the tune pop into my head. So sorry you are having spam problems, Julie.
    Helen xox

  8. Is your annoying commenter anonymous Julie? If not there may be more you can do than just report the comments as spam?

    1. Sorry, that second question mark shouldn't be there. It's a statement not a question.


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