Sunday, 20 April 2014

O is for..................


Sorry cheating a bit!  
And sorry this is two days late, went to see grandchildren Friday
and was busy yesterday!

Is it quite dark and dismal and cold today.  They say there is more chance of having snow at Easter!

found the chocolate
Father Christmas at the back of the cupboard!
rather than Christmas!

Caitlin & Liam with their "Easter Eggs"
I know it doesn't look like and Easter Egg, but thought they would have more fun with a sandpit rather than a chocolate egg!  They did get a small egg each but gave it to their mummy quietly for today!  

Little sister is still rather small for Easter Eggs and sandpits

She got a handknit instead!

* Ostern =  German for Easter

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  1. Oh no ! surely not snow, where did you hear that?
    Love little Scarlett, and I guess Gran knitted that snuggly cardy.
    Have a good Easter Julie

  2. I am sure your baby grandaughter appreciated her cosy hand knit! Happy Easter 'Ostern' Julie! x

  3. Happy Easter to you and your family Julie!
    Susan x

  4. LOL.... my son bought his niece a sandpit instead of an egg.

  5. Looked like a lot of fun in your house.


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