Thursday, 19 December 2013

Advent Calendar - door 19 ...........and breath..........!

19 December

Today is the first day I can sort of relax, I have yet to marzipan and ice a cake as part of a present for our lovely friends David and Jane, who we are seeing tomorrow evening, so Santa's helpers can take their present round.  We are going to have a fish and chip supper with them too.  Fish and Chips and Christmas cake............wonderful combination! They don't blog but I know this one gets read!

Last Saturday was Dee Dee's Vintage Fair at Trull, Somerset.  Alex took a couple of record players, a radio and some eighties hand-held games.  He sold the record within two seconds of putting said record onto the table.  I sold the Beehive knitting wool holder after the fair.  Right up to when we left for the fair about 7.30 am I was still knitting a doll's shoe.   We came home unpacked the car ready to go straight to my dads the following day.  We had a lovely Christmas lunch with him.  This week is not fairing much better in being busy.  

My friend Helen asked me if I would help her.  She had an enquiry about having these made.  Two days later they are off to their new home.  The pattern was very easy to understand and they actually didn't take very long at all.  The pattern can be found in this e-magazine.  The magazine is publish monthly, and is very interesting.

This is what happens when you don't put your glasses on to read cooking instructions!  Morrison's has some brussel sprouts for cooking in the bag 9p!  I mis-read the instructions, my fault should have put my glasses on.  Microwaved them for too long and voila - Brussel Sprout MUSH!  Didn't know you could burn things in the microwave.  I cooked them for 10minutes instead of five minutes.


  1. Your picnic basket of brooches is very pretty! Was the fair busy? I like the felt deers. You cooked the poor brussels to death! It would have been quicker to boil them on the hob!!! x

  2. Your stall looks lovely, Julie. I especially like the felt flower brooches. I'd love to see a close-up some day. I have the same green Bakelite wool holder. I'm still on the hunt for a yellow one, but they are illusive little things! Enjoy your fish & chips! xx

  3. It was lovely to have you both with us again, thanku for the little mention. See you in april, dee x

  4. You made lots of lovely items!!! Those deer are especially gorgeous!x

  5. Such a sweet picture of the children looking at the nativity. Hope your fish and chip evening went well

  6. Very busy for you, love the sound of fish and chip supper but not the xmas cake! Love the deer.


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