Sunday, 4 August 2013

The New Time Lord!

The new Dr Who...... Peter Capaldi
I wonder how he will play the Time Lord......

My favourite Dr Who!
Tom Baker  

I have been watching Dr Who since it started back in 1963!  I was seven years old when it started!
So I remember dear old
William Hartnell.

Which Dr Who is yours?  (When you started watching it)
and which 
Dr Who is your favourite?


  1. Tom Baker is my favourite too as I first watched Dr Who in the 1970s; I even brought a few of the Dr Who story books from my school book club x

  2. Hi Julie, I think you are probably as old as I am. I remember the 60's Dr Who and I remember Frazer Hynes being on it at one bit too. I dont watch it now though but I was always terrified of the Daleks.

  3. Tom Baker is my favourite too, like Vintage Knitter I grew up with him! However as an adult I did love Christopher Eccleston as I thought he really brought it back to life and then the gorgeous David Tennant had me hooked for quite a while.

  4. Colin Baker was my favourite, and I think I grew up with Patrick Troughton, (hiding behind the settee!

  5. Jon Pertwee was my first, but in spite being a little old to say so, David Tennant has to be my favourite! I was pleased with the announcement of Peter Capaldi as last time I saw him on TV he looked SO ill, I thought he must have something terribly wrong with him. Good to see him restored to looking healthy!

  6. Jon Pertwee was the one I considered to be 'The Doctor'. I don't watch it any more but when I have caught glimpses I think David Tennant was pretty good! x

  7. I'm not and never have been a fan, sorry.

  8. I was 9 in '63 and the Daleks terrified me (still do!) EE xx

  9. I think Jon Pertwee was my all-time favourite.


  10. Jon Pertwee was my first but Tom Baker was the one I remember best from my childhood. I have liked all the recent incarnations -Eccleston, Tennant and Smith and I think Peter Capaldi will be wonderful. i hope he will play the Doctor with his own Scottish accent.

  11. Hello Julie

    Believe it or not I never had TV as a child I only occasionally got to see Dr Who at my friend's I wasn't a Dr Who fan. :-)
    I've seen a couple of episodes here on Spanish TV and found it a bit boring.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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