Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Storm Clouds, Steam, and Flowers

The clouds over my house on Friday evening, we had a thunderstorm, it didn't last long, we have actually seen and heard better ones, but this one was directly over our house at one point.  

Saturday morning, we awoke after the storm to a sunny morning, but with black clouds in the distance.  Right to where we were going!  We went the the West Somerset Steam Fayre at Norton Fitzwarren.  

We drove to Bishop Lydyeard Station and had a free train ride to the Norton Fitzwarren siding for the steam fayre.     

This train was actually going to Minehead!

We saw tiny steam

Mini traction engines

Proper size traction engines, think my favourite of all the 'steam'.  Think I prefer these to engines - don't know why.........

The 'road gang' display

They had an armoured vehicle display too including this famous ambulance......
This ambulance appeared in the film Ice Cold in Alex with John Mills and Sylvia Symms

We saw the Starlight Pullman Car.  The name because it has windows along the top of the roof.

There was a craft tent too. But I was actually very disappointed.  Forty percent of the stalls were hand made cards, and forty percent were jewellery, made from glass beads, bracelets and necklaces.  The other twenty percent were other things like the barge painter, and the giant cookie counter.  

Whilst we were there, there was a very heavy downpour where everyone scurried to the nearest tent, we ended up in the model boat tent!

Now my flowers 

Before the rain

and after the rain!


  1. Looks like you had a fab time despite the rain, we're in minehead next week visiting my friend would be lovely to put a real face to a name if you have any free time xx

  2. Hubs and I would have been in heaven at that Steam Fayre, how wonderful! Suzy x

  3. That was a lovely trip down memory lane Julie, haven't been to an event like that for many a long year. One thing missing, I love it when you show photos of food, did you have a cuppa and cake in the tea tent? :)

  4. Glad you had a great time Julie !

  5. Lovely images of the steam fayre. Lots of people making jewellery these days, shame the tent was not better thought out. When Brixhams Sunday market started it was full of cup cake stalls.

  6. Hi, Johns parents went to that event and camped over night there they are always doing them. John was there with Midi when the heavens opened up :-) your flowers are lovely, dee xx

  7. What a fabulous day out, I love the weathervane, so lovely.

  8. Lovely pics Julie...I love to take rides on steam trains and your flowers pics are so pretty (our garden certainly welcomed the recent downpour!)
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  9. I always wish I could capture the colours in stormy skies like those ... I'd love to have stormy sky yarn!

  10. You can't beat a good old fashioned storm, although we experienced ours when camping in the Forest of Dean recently, but it was very soothing listening to the rain outside. Great steam fair pictures - I love going to those and smelling all the coal smoke!

  11. Hello! I have had such a lovely time strolling through your photographs and wonderful projects. I love that you have a number of different blogs. What a great idea! Inspiration to be found here, for sure! Elizabeth

  12. Hello you, it is wonderful to see that your blog is still here, I have been away from blogland too long! xxx

  13. Loved your stormy sky pictures and the wonderful steam engines too. Glad you had a good time......shame the craft show wasn't more varied though. Love your flowers both before and after the rain.
    Helen x


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