Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow and other things

As I look out of the window the snow falls silently, but it is not staying, it hits the ground and melts, which in away is quite sad, but I am quite glad it is not settling.   Although it looks pretty I think I am too old for snow....... The view is from our driveway looking up the road.

View from the front door this morning - I wonder what we shall see tomorrow!

We went shopping early this, most took the advice so Tesco and Morrisons was virtually empty this morning. Look was I got............

Some snowy white Tulips

I made a snugly warm teddy bear too!
He can be found here


  1. We have a little snow but the girls are willing the sky to produce inches worth! :o) Have to admit that I love looking at it but am not too happy getting wet and cold. Your flowers are very pretty, I love tulips, certainly very cheery on a day like today :o) xx

  2. Hi Lovely, we have 2 inchs here and its been snowing all day although the paths in town are very sludgy now. Enjoy your tulips i have some red and yellow ones. Is that silver items a clock next to your flowers its a gorgeous vintage shape. dee xx

  3. We're still bracing ourselves up here, not much at the moment but its supposed to be coming soon.The white tulips are gorgeous, match the snow!

  4. Your tulips are just perfect, a proper winter white (and perhaps some small compensation for your lack of snow?). We have plenty of the white stuff here, and it's very, very cold!

  5. I love the white tulips and the white bear. I am not so keen on the snow now that Christmas is over!!! x

  6. those tulips are lovely - and so is the bear.

    We got lots of snow, but it's mostly gone to slush now :(

  7. We have snow here at last and it all looks pretty....not good for travelling though. I love your little bear, and your white tulips look lovely.
    Wishing you a great weekend...keep cosy, Julie!
    Helen x

  8. Perhaps you will have more snow today!

  9. We had no snow :( Love your tulips x

  10. Good morning Julie...Your tulips look so pretty (I don't remember ever buying white ones myself!)and the little bear is so cute too! I agree, snow is lovely as long as you don't have to travel...Keep warm and enjoy your crafting.
    Hope you have a great week,
    Susan x

  11. Lovely snowy white tulips and cute little bear.
    I should have stayed indoors and watched the snow - instead we went sledging and had a spectacular fall off (hubby and I both on the same sledge) - I now ache all over!
    Have a good week.
    M x

  12. Love your white tulips.. I am hoping to buy some daffodils soon.. just to make me think that Spring is coming sometime soon. Lizzie x


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