Wednesday 9 January 2013

All Sorts of things and a Mini Moan!

We'll start with the Mini Moan!  
This radio (Bush DAC90) was in a scene of BBC's two parter Restless, from it you heard an announcement about the bombing of Pearl Harbour (7th December 1941). I have also seen, or rather heard, many years ago in the film All Creatures Great and Small, one of Winston Churchill's famous wartime speeches coming from it.  This radio may look of its time, but it wasn't released until 1946, definitely postwar!  Moan over now back to blog post!

My hyacinths have turned into lowercinths, but still flowering beautifully.

This photograph was taken was taken last Sunday (6th January).  This is a strange phenomenon to Minehead, it happens every year in January, unless this happens in your area too!  Let me know.......

No babies or dolls were harmed in the taking of this photo!

After we tidied up after the grandchildren went after Christmas we put the toys on the stairs ready to take up, we thought this was funny, as after being slung around the floor in amongst other toys the baby-doll has taken to the bottle or rather the decanter!  

Vegetable recipe can be found here, and I have made some more bags which can be found here and here


  1. Funny you should talk of moaning, we were saying this morning that there are no chairs in shops these days, now we are a 'Ahem'a bit older we could sometimes do with a chair while waiting but theres never one in sight.

    Love the doll, at least you still have your sense of humour, some people wouldn't have seen the funny side of this.

    Daffs in Jan? What's the world coming to, my old Mum would have said. lol


  2. Oh dear, that's poor about the radio. I did enjoy the clothes in that programme, though! Happy New year, Julie!
    Hen x

  3. Snap! We've got one of those radios too; although its a pain when there's always cricket on longwave :-(

    There, that's my moan done with.

    The BBC's props department should have really got that right though, as the DAC90 was a popular model and a quick internet search would have turned up the manufacture date.

  4. It was a good programme, yes, shame when they don't check such things.
    The doll looks like she had a great time!
    No daffodils or indoor hyacinths in bloom here yet but we did get a little sunshine today so perhaps they will be out soon.
    Carol xx

  5. My DH is the worlds worst for pointing out things that are wrong on TV programmes!
    Aww poor dolly, looks like she had a great festive season lol

  6. Took me a couple of read to understanding where you were coming from the radio issue but i got there in the end. Daffodils no we dont have any out here not that i have seen yet except for the bunch that are sitting on my kitchen windowsil :-) dee xx

  7. Daffodils in January???!! Pretty crazy!! :/

  8. That doll definitely looks like she's hiccuping - and I notice the bottle is empty!

  9. Hi Julie!...I love the radio but you would think these things would be checked carefully...Well spotted you clever lady...I would have been completely unaware!
    Hyacinths are so pretty and it's such a shame when they start bending precariously!
    Happy weekend to you,
    Susan x


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