Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Very embarrasing and Thank you.

I would like to say sorry........... Why I  hear you ask?  It it's all very embarrassing. I am not very good at English comprehension, never have been but then I blame my senior school, and an English teacher called Miss Drake.  I can still see her now in her low heeled shoes and tweed suit.  Dare I say very 'old school' but this was 1967, I was eleven, first week in my senior school wanting to try hard for everyone and I was bored!  It wasn't that I didn't want to learn, but excuse me I always thought in my naivety that English lessons were reading classics, which I did, not just Dickens and Austen in later life, but also read and enjoyed Children of Green Knowle by Lucy M Boston and Railway Children, and Five Children and It by Edith Nesbit and Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce - .  I could carry on listing the books I have read over the years, but quite honestly you will get bored!   I always thought it was getting the spelling correct, I was always top of the class for this, and knowing where the punctuations go.   I just couldn't get on with English.   Ask me to do a five hundred word essay, just like that, forget it! Tell me what did Hunting, Shooting and Fishing and Sex have to do with English….?  I can still see the words on the blackboard now and this was only my first week.  I tried my best!  I have been known to cry out of frustraion because I cannot do it!

Well anyway for all of this, my last post.  Instead of reading "Everybodies"it should have read "Everybody's" I gave my husband a good laugh!  He is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the English language so I don't usually allow him near my blog unless I specifically ask for help, which I invariably do, but on this occasion I was in a bit of a hurry to do the post! Well that's my excuse anyway..............

THANK YOU to Lizzie for this pretty Lavender Bag 


  1. I have exactly the same problem with English and it's made so much more painful when people point out and laugh at our mistakes, I hate it.... which is why there are so many photos on my blogs!
    It's my eldest daughter who corrects me most......... she must have had excellent English teachers :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. I'm rubbish at spelling and always have been. I remember some one saying, you only need to know the first letter and you can find it in the dictionary. They are wrong, you need the first 2 or 3 letters and sometimes I can't even get the first one right. I can say long words but not spell them. I hated English lessons too! We all know what you ment. X

  3. I'm glad your lavender bag got to you OK, I hope you like it x

  4. awww i wouldnt worry...i read beyond the spelling mistakes and ignore them, but im dyslexic and was only notified of this while at university and in an art history lesson!
    No one not even myself thought i was until then...but then it all made sense why i wasnt able to write and understand questions without reading them in my head over 20 times- i thought everyone did it...
    i tried so hard with essays at university but never reaching more than 42% , but one day my heart beated so fast to see 72% after getting guidance from a dyslexic support worker in how to plan an essay/understand the questions set.
    My twinny was a A* student and i always felt the numpty!
    but ive learnt to except my art shined through because i found English so difficult- it made me, Me!.

    thanks for sharing x lovely felt face x

  5. Don't worry. It is human to err!!! x

  6. I wouldn't worry!
    I'm an English teacher and I always ask my other half to proof read my blog as I make silly errors!!
    In my case, it's because I'm always in a rush!! ;-)x

  7. My blogs are full of error's all the time! spell check picks out the worse but does not account for my fowl/foul error's.

    I think they give my blog character

  8. I am an ex-teacher so I feel mortified when I make a grammatical mistake when I write on blogs - and I make them often !!! I should proof read more often, but I sometimes am in a hurry. So don't worry. We're all human, we make mistakes and as long as we get the message across who cares ?!!!

  9. Oops! It's good to laugh about it though. I have made some errors which I was thankful my husband spotted before publishing.
    Isabelle x

  10. Never my strong point either!

    Thanks for organising the seaside swap, K! I had some lovely jubbly...see my blog for the pics.

    Sandie xx


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