Thursday, 21 July 2011

Evening Stroll Round the Garden!

Daisy that came from a stock that once belonged to my grandmother.  She planted the original Daisies when she was a little girl in the 20's and took a clump of them when she married and moved into her own home, she moved twice after marrying and took a clump with her, after she died mum and dad were building their new home in Dartmouth so they took a clump with them, and when they moved from there mum gave me a clump and in turn I will give a clump each to the boys as they set up home. 

Sparrows in the treetops
Hole punch or Caterpillar.....?

Is it my imagination or is everything very early this year......?


  1. awww how lovely- you must have the most delightful garden xxxx
    yes i think its much earlier due to an early heat wave ;0)x

  2. How lovely to have that daisy with its history growing in your garden. Love the punched convulvulous! Yes I am sure things are early this year I have just had an apple from the tree in the garden and I think they are usually ready in September! What's going to happen when we've had everything I wonder will it be a period of barren-ness for a few months till things get back on track?!

  3. Everything seems to be earlier this year. We even have golden leaves that have fallen from the trees already! I think we had our summer back in April/May! x

  4. I think that daisies are my favourite flower, this stems from when I was small and my Dad used to take me around the cemetary to visit my Nan and Grandad's grave and the whole place seemed to be full of wild daisies. Bit morbid, sorry.........
    And yes, I spotted ripe blackberries yesterday. I remember when we used to go blackberrying in the last week of the kids holidays, that would have been early September, what's going on ??

  5. What a beautiful story with the Daisy that warmed my heart that did. Such a lovely amount of history and so sweet that it keeps on living. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  6. Our raspberries and redcurrants have been and gone. The cherries are now multiplying at a rate of knots. The weather has definitely changed the growing season this year. xxx

  7. Such a lovely story about the journey of your daisies... very special...
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  8. Nice photos Julie. We have a similar story with artemesia which was in my great-grandmother's garden and we've always taken cuttings to keep it going. I have some in my garden and can't resist brushing it with my hand as the smell is beautiful. She used to call it Lad's Love. I've already had enough veggies in the garden to make chutney (two batches) so I agree with Simone - summer has been moved to April!

  9. I think it has been a funny year for growing - too much sun too early on, and not enough now. All very exasperating.

    Pomona x

  10. What a very special daisy plant and such a lovely story

    I agree, yes, everything seems really early this year,the leaves on my cherry blossom are already falling


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