Thursday, 30 June 2011

A SWAP! A GIVEAWAY! and My bargain flowers!

Has Summer arrived..........not sure they say its gonna rain again........... We love the Great British weather, and I think we love the Great British Seaside too! That is my idea for a swap, well not really I had a lovely swap gift from Tracy. She sent me some lovely goodies appertaining to the Seaside, so I have to admit that is what gave me the idea for this swap!

There are not many rules:~

1) You have to be a follower of my blog

2) Five items

3) The theme is the SEASIDE

If you would like to join in leave a comment below, start the comment with Swap#. I will make the drawer on the closing date which will be Friday 15th July and all parcels to be received by 1st August.

Now for the Givaway!

My friend Jane gave me this book for my birthday. Whilst visiting my dad, I was rooting around the charity shops in Tavistock and came across another copy in brand new condition.

If anybody would like a copy of this book please leave a comment below, start the comment with Giveaway#. One rule you have to be a follower of my blog. If you would like to join in in both please leave two comments.

Cheapie Flowers...........

Our monthly trip to Tescos, and I bought these two bunches

This bunch of pretty Tulips

And these Gladioli - yep! 30p

They were £1.79

Then £1.50

This were they on Tuesday afternoon

The Tulips - the camera didn't do them justice they are a delicate shade of mauve


Thought I would show you our vintage kitchen table. We inherited it. Well I say we it was actually Alex's mothers. His parents bought the table just after they moved into their first home in about 1960. The flaps fold down to the size of about 12" (30 centimetres)! The table has seen everything from doing the wallpapering the loads of Christmas Dinners to being a dumping ground! We suffer from "Flat Surface Syndrome"


  1. Oh how I love the term Flat Surface Syndrome - I thought it was only us who could never have a clear flat surface but now I know it is a recognised affliction with a name!!

  2. those flowers look wonderful ;0)x
    i would take part but ive just started gathering swapsie things for Hookin' with laa laa's swapsie, only can afford one at a time ;0)x

  3. Hi Julie - love the new kitchen floor - but it's a good thing mine is slate - if it was a lovely pale cream like yours it would soon be covered in drifts of black fluff carelessly dropped by a certain young dog! H xx

  4. Swap#
    Hi Julie, I'd like to sign up for your swap, please!

  5. Lovely blog, glad I came across you, such pretty flowers, and I love the comment flat surface syndrome, now that made me laugh, I thought it was just me! :)


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