Saturday, 4 April 2009

Don't be scared to do this.........BUT.........

Please Please Please
don't do this with antique samplers.
Let the professionals clean those.
And certainly do don't do this with any
old or modern tapestry stitched with wool
they will shrink!

I don't use an embroidery ring or frame unless I have to, as I personally find them difficult to use and rings sometimes leave a mark. I recommend that you do whatever you are happy with. With tablecloths and trays cloths I pick up from bootfairs and flea markets I treat then as shown in the pictures below, but make sure the fabric hasn't started to rot. Give the fabric a gentle tug in various places if it tears easily it has started to rot.

Finished piece
Pin or tack into a laundry bag

Put into the washing machine,
(my piece went in with the towels on a quick
wash at 40 degrees, modern threads
Coats & DMC can be washed at 95 degrees
check the labels!)
just make sure the items it goes in with
colours that do not run otherwise you will
have to start the embroidery again!

When washing cycle is finished,
take the embroidery out of the laundry bag,
do not dry but
lay on a flat surface, ironing board or floor
on a couple of towels and press.
Finished embroidery
(the colours look so much brighter)


  1. It's gorgeous, so very pretty. I'm sure it took an age to stitch. I hope it is treasured.

  2. I once pricked my finger and got teeny tiny spots of blood on one of my embroideries, and had to spend ages carefully sponging it out, I was too scared to pop it in the washing machine!!

    love your stitching, such a pretty picture.

    felicity xx

  3. That is such a good idea. I have been working on some of my embroideries for so long now that by the time I have finished they will definitely need washing!


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