Monday, 20 April 2009

A weed is only a flower in the wrong place!

All of a sudden the garden has come alive!
Here are some of the Weeds! Hhm! Wildflowers!


The only Daisy patch in the lawn
so whoever mows the lawns mows round it!
It actually survived the snow!


Celandine which grows wild in the lawn!

A pink Primrose

Dandelions which I pick regularly
for my friends Tortoises

These sweet blue flowers grown in the lawn

Herb Robert


  1. So very beautiful.
    When I was very young,my Grandma used to walk me around the country lanes in South Devon and she taught me all the names of the wild flowers in the hedgerow.I consider myself to be very fortunate!

  2. Lovely indeed - like Sal, I learnt my wild flowers in the south Devon lanes, from my dad with the help of our Keble Martin Concise British Flora. My dad's no longer here, and I'm no longer there, but such happy memories from your pics today. I've been drawing some of these lately, the daisy, celandine and dandelion will feature in a mini book of mine shortly, funnily enough.

  3. My lawn is covered with dandelions! I would think them quite beautiful if I didn't know them as a weed! I didn't know that the blue flower was a periwinkle. I am lucky to have a few in my garden too!


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