Monday, 24 March 2008

I'm just one big complaint!

Yesterday I was going to do some gardening but the weather was against me so instead I thought I would iron. Not a job I relish, but the ironing was not going to iron itself so I set up the ironing board put the washing next to it and reached for the Radio Times. Watching a film whilst ironing you don't notice the job in hand. Easter Sunday, a bank holiday I thought, a few films to watch? Well I thought wrong! Yes there were films on "In Which We Serve" 1942. This film although very interesting and a great classic is over sixty years old. "Columbo - Ransom for the Dead" 1971, "The Slipper and the Rose" 1976 and "The Wizard of Oz" 1939 another classic film of its time is nearly seventy years old! Sport on for the rest of the day. Hmmm.........not much of a choice. We don't all have Sky or Digital. Some of us do not like sport, or believe it or not Eastenders, Coronation Street or Emmerdale, so the off knob stayed off till "Larkrise to Candleford" in my opinion the best programme on any television at the moment. Easter Monday is not much better. When I was a child the highlight of the Easter weekend was the little half an hour programme called "Disney Time" which I was allowed to watch whatever the weather if I was good. Surely the television schedulers can do better. All the programming for Easter Monday is what is shown every other day on day time television!

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