Saturday, 26 January 2008

A SAGA - Socks! - I

About May/June last year I was chatting to Jan (wibbo's words). I asked about knitting socks. I would love to knit a pair of socks but I fight with the needles too much, and as Jan said it is like knitting with a hedgehog, she explained that I would find instructions for knitting socks with two circular needles on the internet. I typed the words into the search engine and low-and-behold sure enough up came the instructions. I printed these off and bought the needles and of two balls of sock wool. I thought I would go for a patterned wool so I wouldn't get bored. I should have practiced first! I cast on the appropriate stitches and knitted away while looking after dad after his heart operation, I thought this will give me something to do. Well I continued knitting away and just out of fun I thought I would try the knitted tube on my leg. Horror........! The calves of my legs were far too big for my casting on, the casting on just did not stretch the rest of the knitting was OK. I was just about to start the heel but at this stage the pattern got a bit complicated, although I like complicated I needed to concentrate, then I read about grafting the toes of the sock. I'm not a novice knitter honest...... I thought I may as well practise the heel but it went wrong! I undid the knitting and cast on with the thumb method, knitted a tube and tried it on again, and again the top did not quite fit, this time it was baggy! I put the wool and everything away and went back to my cross stitching watching the wool taking on a life of its own in the basket getting tangled. Mentioning it again to Jan, again she suggested knitting toe- up. So scoured the internet and found a pattern so we will see how we go and no need to graft the toes!

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