Sunday, 16 November 2014

Fair Isle Knitting

I have just finished knitting a cardigan for my eldest grand-daughter.  I started it a few months back but didn't like the way it looked, so I unpicked it, and re-knitted it.  I made it up as I went along.  I wanted it to look authentic vintage, with set-in sleeves so with various patterns to hand here is the result.  Every row is different.

It is based on this vintage knitting pattern, copies of which can be puchased here

This one took me three months now I am going to try and knit her brother a similar jumper in six weeks its a good job I wrote the pattern down as I went.

If any body is interested in my pattern please email me.


  1. This is absolutely stunning, I wish my knitting skills were up to this!


  2. Great job Julie and very pretty too! x

  3. It's gorgeous! You are so talented.

  4. I hope your speed improves for your next project, 6 weeks hardly seems like a long time for something complicated and pretty like this.

  5. The is beautiful, I so love fair Isle. Good luck with the second one. x

  6. My Mum used to knit me fair isle cardigans, only trouble was they were knitted in pure wool and shrunk every time she washed them, I remember them being like felt in the end. lol

  7. That's lovely and I have the same booklet too. The woollies in it are so cute and of their time aren't they? xx

  8. Very pretty Julie...the colours are lovely and I love the original vintage knitting pattern too..
    Susan x

  9. It's lovely Julie, really sweet, and I'm not surprised it took a while, that's a lot of work, all beautifully done :)

  10. That is such a pretty fair isle pattern you have created, Julie! And so beautifully knitted too.....what a lovely gift for your grand daughter. I am sure you will make the second one for her brother much faster now you have worked it all you say, lucky you remembered to write it all down!
    Keep cosy!
    Helen xox


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