Friday, 27 September 2013

Well that's September!

Does anyone know what happened to September?  I haven't been round blogland much.  I haven't really been making - in fact I really haven't done much.  I have sorted loads of old magazines some pre-dating the year 2000.  They were all cross-stitch magazines, I put about twenty bags of magazines and another load with hardback cross-stitching books on our local freecycle.  They were snapped up, I think because the people collecting them thought they were getting a bargain!  Well they were, but you cannot sell cross-stitch books at the local bootfair for even 20p here so I decided just to give them away!  They have gone and I feel better for it - it is amazing how I felt so much better for getting rid of things - it did actually feel like a weight had lifted - so more stuff is going to go!

Now I wonder................ no I best not if I want to stay happily married!  They are the collection of 78 rpm records, there is even two piles behind the Iceland carrier, In the Iceland carrier are the Christmas 78 rpm.  I cleared out the cupboard where I kept the magazines, guess where these have gone......!   Nothing stays empty for long in this house!

It was wet, dull and dismal yesterday, so yesterday afternoon I made Peggoty.  She is a dolly-peg (clothes spin)  Dressed in white, with a light green shawl.  She will be put in my shop soon, when I have finished a sister or two.

I made pie.

Apple and Blackberry.
We still have Blackberries at the bottom of the garden

I am still stitching

Still knitting

Mr Robin has been sitting on  the tree branch singing for a mate - nice to see him back in the garden.


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  2. i absolutely could not get rid of my 78's even though i can't play them anymore - when i was a child i was allowed to play them myself on my dad's "music centre" !!!!!!!?????? they must have been mad because they are now very scratched - anyway i love the hissing sound of them playing and when dad died i made sure that some of them were played at his service. well done for letting go of your old craft mags - i have a problem with radio times' - i've got some going back to the 1990's - maybe 1980's - everyone thinks it is hysterical but i am convinced that i will read them one day!!!! my son asked me last time he visited if i had a cast list for a show from 1989 and sad git that i am i almost got up to start looking before he collapsed into giggles!!! i would like to add that i am not as bad as some people wot you see on telly - i generally have homes for all my things - just not the radio times which stand in three neat but big piles in the spare bedroom!! xx

  3. I was only wondering where you were Julie, I looked back and saw how long it was since your last post and hoped that you were okay.
    I know how good it is to have a clear out, sometimes that's all it takes to get on the crafting road again.
    I like the little peg doll she's lovely.
    Anyway, welcome back.

  4. Glad that you're ok. I lost my crafty/ renovating mojo for a while, but it's back. One renovation completed this week, 2 more to be started today, and ideas/sketches for crafty makes and renovations put down on paper last night - there's a nice long list of those!

  5. It looks like you have been busy to me Julie! I need to have a sort out of my old mags too. I thought about listing them on ebay but noticed the ones on there weren't selling so I didn't bother. Peggoty is very sweet. I like her flowing locks! x

  6. It's good to have a clear out, but it looks to me like you have been busy making and sewing and knitting too. September also went very fast for me.

  7. Mmmmm, love pie! I can't believe where September has gone either.

  8. My goodness Julie, you have been very busy. I dont know where the year has gone let alone september.

  9. yummy pic, love the knitting.

  10. You've me an idea ... perhaps I should list all my old Country Livings on Freecycle ... they go back to 1995 but they won't sell either.

  11. You have done well to clear out so many books and magazines, Julie! I need to do more of that too! Your little doll looks so cute, and I love your knitting. And yummy pie too!
    Helen x

  12. As mush as I love my books, the time has come to think of a sort out as most of them are never even looked at. Freecycle is great for getting rid of things you no longer have a need or the space for. Well done on such a huge sort out! x

  13. I'm like you re: blogging in September. Too much going on and not enough time! But I have been back into the knitting and am doing another Fair Isle beret.

    That was a jolly good sort out. Its doesn't half make you fell better doesn't it? And allows more space for storing new buys!


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