Sunday, 24 February 2013

Are we going somewhere dear..................?

No, dear..............
............this is a.............

Champion 1950's "Suitcase" portable Record Player which I have just spent far too many hours putting back into working order when really it was a a candidate for the skip! (I'll sell it at DeeDee's Vintage Fair in four weeks time, honest!)

Well you read it here, please come along to Dee's fair and have a look..............


  1. Is this what is called a dancette.
    We listen to Paul Miller on the radio each evening and he's always on about these.
    I remember listening to 'Runaway' on Tom's years and years ago.
    Is it one that holds more than one record?
    Oh, the memories. lol

  2. Now I like the look of that Julie, how clever of you to fix it and get it working again..........pure nostalgia.
    Kim xx

  3. How lovely to have a working record player. It brings back memories of my Nan playing 'Fanlight Fanny the Frowsy Nightclub Queen'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well done on making it work again, someone will love and cherish this beauty.

  5. What a lovely find and well done you on getting it working again. I'm sure someone will be well chuffed to take it home with them :-D xxx

  6. I got an American version of this for my 8th birthday.

  7. Wow that looks gorgeous please bring a record or 2 along i would love to hear it playing. Thank you for the advertising :-) dee xxxx

  8. Well done you on rescuing it! I've been trying to persuade my hubby to get rid of the 200 or so albums that are sitting in the wardrobe for years, but now I'm thinking perhaps we should get a record player and start listening to them again! M x


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