Sunday, 9 September 2012

Samuel Seagull

Meet Samuel is Cyril's best friend.  
He can be made into a doorstop, or just an ornament or a child can play with him he is quite safe and friendly!  His pattern can be found here and here!


  1. I am glad that Cyril has a best friend!

  2. He is just as adorable as Cyril :) xx

  3. I forgot to take my Cyril with me on our holidays! I must try and get on with him and will post a pic when he is finished!

  4. Hi Julie!
    Had a good catch up with your blog, how cute your grandchildren! They're growing up so fast!
    Have a good week!
    Michela xxx

  5. He looks so realistic! I was thinking about making a doorstop for my newly decorated bedroom too!

  6. Samuel is fab, Julie (I love his name too!)...He's sure to be a winner,
    Hope you are having a lovely week,
    Susan x


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