Thursday, 19 July 2012

Its all a mystery to me............

But saying that.....................I think I have worked out what this is!

I was given the other day lots of embroidered tablecloths, lace and other items by a lady who was downsizing.  I have known this lady for a few years now through my jobs in the post office and the craft shop, but we actually got chatting when I met her on the bus going to Taunton the other week.  Anne was off to see her daughter, but we had a nice long chat, and I was telling her what I was doing next etc. etc.  A week or so later she popped into Sally's shop and gave me two rather large bags of stuff, she says most of it belonged to her mother.  Anne was downsizing and going into private warden controlled flat. In amongst the lace which I will show another day was this item.  For about a week I stared at it.  As you can see it is fine linen, and has a draw string going round part of it.

This is the label you can see.  I googled it - the building is still there!

I think I may have worked it out, but because I don't want to pull the strings as it is still new I sure you can visualise what it may be...............

part of a bonnet. I think you wore it whilst doing the housework and then put the straw bonnet on the top when you went out.

BUT..........What is a real mystery to me is how do you up load your own pictures and re-pin on to PINTEREST?

I need step by step instructions..................
can anyone help me P L E A S E.................................


  1. Do you know I was just thinking exactly the same thing about Pinterest, as I have just one photo I'd like to put on! Maybe I'll have to pin your photo for you, and you can do mine! That is a most intriguing piece of linen - hope you can have your thoughts confirmed!

  2. What a fabulous gift glad you figured out what it is its:)

    So pinterest the easiest way is to you go here :

    and add the widget, it will add a pin it button to the top of your web browser which you just click on when you are on a page with an image you want to pin, it will bring up a screen of all the image on the page and you just choose the one you want.
    Alternatively when you log in, next to your picture there is a small Add button which you can upload photos directly!

    I hope this helps xx

  3. That bonnet is wonderful! Imagine having to keep your head covered all the time! x

  4. I wondered if it was to put over food to stop the flies, and you pull it up to fit the dish.
    Probably wrong but its a guess.
    I keep meaning to look at pininterest, I am registered but have never really taken part.
    So it would be of interest to know how to put the pics on.

  5. I would never have guessed it was a bonnet well done you ;-)) What a nice gift to. dee xx

  6. Lovely gift, well worked out.
    Carol xx

  7. Right at the top of your Pinterest page there is a button that says 'Add'. Click on that & it opens another page where you can opt to upload your own photos.

    Hope this helps!

  8. You do have some curiously fabulous finds Julie!...It must be wonderful to solve the puzzles...
    I've had to avoid Pinterest...(I would be never off my laptop!) but it does look good fun,
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  9. How sweet. Went I saw the first picture I thought it must be some sort of head wear. Have a great weekend. Love Katie xx


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