Thursday, 21 June 2012

It's Nearly Here.........

The Vintage & Retro Fayre.............Just two more sleeps, 
and we will open the doors at 10am sharp on Saturday morning!

This lovely 1950's complete Cruet Set

This Bakelite Cruet Set 
also complete

Porcelain and Diamante Brooches
I knew my embroidery ring on a stand would come in useful one day!

Vintage Books and Magazine and Cigarette Cards

Embroidered tablecloths and Tray Cloths
afraid the laundry rail is not for sale

Handmade Brooches using the original patterns

Other handmade goodies

But thinking I did not have enough stuff, I said to Alex, I need some bulk! (larger items).  But now I am beginning to think this little exercise is turning into a BVWS do!  I mustn't complain and let him have a few bits on the stall, I asked him help me and to boot it is his 65th Birthday on Saturday too!  What better way to spend it!
RIGHT.......... we have.........

Two late 1960's transistors-Grundig Party Boy and Ferguson Caravelle (but not
the record player they are sitting on which awaiting restoration!))

Bush.TR82D - original Mid 1960's - (not the current reproduction)
oh and the tray it is sitting on!

This one will be for sale but we will be playing music through it too!
So if you would like to come and hear it...........

This Bush is a VHF80 from 1960 one of the last valve radios to be made

...........and some 1960's Radio Times Covers with prints by Robert Gillmor

There are lots of other things on  my stall too, that was just a taster!
And if you go to Sally's blog you will see the sort of things she does


  1. Good luck with it all Julie! You certainly have been busy and I wish you a great turn out for the event. Using the embroidery ring as a display stand is a great idea - I may have to steal it!!! I bet the Bakelite cruet set sells in no time especially as pink is the 'in' colour. I hope you have a lot of sales and a great time too! x

  2. What a lot of lovely goodies! The pink cruet set is my favourite and the cream Bush radio! Good luk with the fair and hope you sell loads! Happy forthcoming Birthday to your OH!

  3. Blimey Julie im impressed you have some great retro items there for sale. I would love to have the cruet sets there gorgeous ;-)) Can't wait to come now, dee xxx

  4. Hope you have a wonderful day and the fair is a huge success. M x

  5. Hope it all goes well. Your excitement is infectious! Have a great day and I hope you sell loads.

  6. Hope you have a wonderful day! xxx

  7. Some wonderful items, wish I could be there. Hope you have a great day with lots of customers.
    Carol xx


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