Monday, 29 August 2011

At the bottom of the road there is a rather large train set!

I've blogged about the West Somerset Railway many times before, but there is just something about steam trains isn't there?

We now have a turntable at the station, because at one time the West Somerset Railway was famous for the engine to leave Minehead backwards!

This week we again had a "TORNADO" (a little video taken two years ago) visiting. 
Read about Tornado here

Also on the station platform is this little model of the Hogwarts Express.


  1. Love your photographs...some of my happiest memories are taking journeys on some of the old steam trains...I'm not officially blogging until my girls leave for university but can't resist a few trips to my favourite blogs today!...
    Susan x

  2. How lovely to have steam trains near where you live!x

  3. You live in such a pretty and interesting corner of England!

    P.S. couldn't make it today, I will post your swap package tomorrow :)

  4. I have always loved steam trains and as a child I wanted to be one of the ladies who cleaned the trains at the terminus station and wondered why my mother didn't think that too wonderful an ambition! i guess I knew that I'd never be able to be a train driver so that was the next best thing. We went on your railway 27 years ago when on holiday in your area - great fun it was and certainly took me back a bit!

  5. I agree there is nothing quite like a journey on a steam train ;-)) Hope your well. Have a lovely week, dee xx

  6. Oh we went to the station when we visited Minehead. We toyed with the idea with taking the train to Dunster Castle but in the end we drove there. I love it when I read about places I've been in a post.
    Hope you are enjoying your Bank Holiday.

  7. my mum surprised me with a full round trip last year - I had a toially brilliant time, we had a whole compartment to ouself all the way there and sat in the buffet car on the way back and I drank cider watching the world go by... heavenly

  8. The turntable brought back memories of the Thomas the Tank Engine books that my son had when he was little. I've still got them now and I'm big!
    Love from Mum

  9. Ah ha! We were at Blue Anchor ourselves last week on our hols and had to have a journey on the steam trains, although we missed the Tornado as we headed back on Saturday.

    I thought about you as we were on your home territory.

  10. How lovely to be able to see them so often..... they are special aren't they :)
    Sue Xxx


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