Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hello again..........I'm Back..........Anybody there...........?

Its not true that I have been put away for a couple of weeks! Its been very frustrating not to be able to blog! I got pretty miffed I tell you. You don't actually miss something till you haven't got it anymore! I do hope I still have you very lovely followers, and many many thank yous for all your support.

Well anyway would you like to have afternoon tea and a special cake with me.........?

It isn't quite BANOFFEE PIE and it isn't quite MILLIONAIRES SHORTBREAD it is a cross between both!

Make a biscuit base with Digestive Biscuits

I only had about 200grms of Biscuits - crushed finely

(use liquidiser or rolling pin and poly bag)

melt 100grams Butter and add the biscuit crumb

Push into the bottom of dish

When shopping the other day I saw this, but......if you cannot get this,

(buy a tin of condensed milk and put the tin of condensed milk in a pan of boiling water, (do not open the tin) and allow to boil for 2 hours . Make sure the pan doesn't boil dry. When done, remove the tin and leave to cool. When cool open the tin, the contents will have caramelised. Spoon the toffee onto the biscuit base.)

From here the decision is yours. I didn't put the bananas on top of the toffee because there is only two of us, and this would have lasted three days, don't think the bananas would have kept that long so I just topped the toffee off with melted chocolate (Cadbury's Dairy Milk).

Cut and serve with sliced bananas


My son text me the last Thursday (18th May)

told us to watch BBC Local News (BBC Points West)

Robert is the Clown Fish!


  1. Just a small slice please.
    welcome back
    Cate x

  2. Oooh, that looks good ... I'll have to try making it.

  3. oooh, that looks really yummy! Abby x

  4. Looks very tasty.

    You must be proud to be the mother of a fish! ;-)


  5. That looks very tempting..just a small slice for me too, please!

  6. Hi Julie,
    It's good to have you back, I can well imagine your frustration as Blogger can be a pain. The cake you've made looks yummy, def not good for my expanding waistline! Glad you like the railway poster. It's the first original one we bought, we loved the colours but not sure it really reminded us of Minehead today?!
    Hen x

  7. Yum yum! thanks for sharing!

  8. so glad to see you back i will email you later i have been rather manic and its taking me so long to catch up with everyone and everything. I would love a slice please looks delicious, enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  9. Looks absolutely scrumptious! Im a big fan of millionaires shortcake and bannanas so its a win-win recipe as far as Im concerned!


  10. You've always very yummy offers on your blog! Well done your son!


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