Friday, 22 January 2010

Joining in the Fun!

I have decided to join 'Simone's Friday Cake Bake' too. I always used to bake a cake on a Sunday, but Hey......! Why shouldn't I change to baking on a Friday instead......? They say a change is as good as a rest don't they! I shall still be doing my 20 minutes with Fi too, I actually do mine in the evenings after dinner, it stops me falling asleep in front of the telly!

As you see Simple Jam Tarts! Except mine always come out looking like "The good, the bad and the ugly! I have to admit I seem to put in too much jam - I cannot blame the new cooker (yes I can!) I am not used to it, fifteen years of a fan assisted one, now no fan but a ceramic hob!


  1. I think your jam tarts look delicious! I haven't baked jam tarts for ages and am tempted to make some again. What flavour jams did you use? x

  2. Jam Tarts ARE twenty creative minutes, aren't they?

  3. Love jam tarts - I'll be round later!!

  4. I love jam tarts. Oooh I must make some! suzie. xxx

  5. Yummy looking jam tarts.
    If you pop over to my blog, there is an award waiting for you.
    Hope your having a lovely weekend.
    Luv Sophie xxx


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