Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Felicity has flown in....

I arrived home to find the postman had left one of those cards which said tried to leave parcel but no one home, wasn't the normal postie, he would have left it in the porch for me to find. All is well though, I knew exactly where the postie was, just up the road so left my bag and clutching the said card went to meet him. He saw me waiting, and exclaimed number 21, I replied yes........... He handed me a small brown box, I knew instantly - FELICITY! (I purchased her from here)

Still looking a bit fed up she has now happily landed awaiting for Christmas!


  1. So cute! ..but is it for Caitlin ..or for Julie?! ;-)

  2. She is starting to look much happier now!
    Glad she arrived safely.


  3. It's a website that I like buying from too.She is very sweet! I found one in a charity shop a while ago but she wasn't wearing anything, I'll have to make her a little white dress.
    Take care
    Isabelle x


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