Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Our Weekend in Bristol

I should have done this blog yesterday, please read and see why! We left Minehead about 7.30 in the morning on Saturday via Tescos for petrol, flowers and nibbles for the journey, well it would be long time till lunch!

When you see Bristol's famous landmark in the distance, you know you are at journeys end.

The Suspension Bridge

Another of Bristol's famous landmarks are SS Great Britain and The Matthew.
After we parked the car, we walked to Mellineum Square pass Bristol Cathedral
Planetarium @ Bristol's Mellenium Square

Taking photographs of the reflection

William Penn - Founder of the colony of Pennsylvania USA

Alex reading the script of To Catch A Thief with
Bristol's own Archibald Leach,
better know as Cary Grant.

Me with William Tyndale he translated the Bible

Thomas Chatterdon - Poet

The Wall of Water on Mellenium Square

Pero's Bridge named after a Bristol Slave

Water in Quakers Friar Square

Saturday they had Punch & Judy show

A derelict herb garden at Castle Green, where I managed to show off to my sons knowing most of the herbs and impressed to rather elderly ladies who actually knew what they were. Think they thought I was much younger than I actually am!

Taster to seeing the Banksy Exhibition (someone in recent weeks paint balled this) I passed this about three years ago saw it and didn't take much notice of it!!!

Sunday was spent quietly - meeting new friends, and watching this snail travelling upwards on the side wall of a house, think he should have turned left for the garden!!

What we came to see, we caught the Bus from Fishponds into the city and as the clock struck 9 O'clock we joined the end of the queue, we were near the front. Waited an hour.

Just some of the Banksy exhibition
After we left the exhibition we had lunch and found the CathK shop purchased a bag, Michael (son) who was with us saw an old school friend while he was waiting patiently for me to look in the shop. Then we headed for the bus - on the way I managed to trip up a cobble stone and landed face down in the only puddle for yards about! Tripping and falling is bad enough, BUT to land face down in a PUDDLE...................... I was shaken, wet but fine, and decided I could dry off in the sun.
By three in the morning I was in a panic, but managed to get back to sleep. I decided to go to casualty at the local hospital in Minehead - the first thing the nurse said..............

They are going to have to come OFF!

I came off quite lucky just badly bruised fingers!


  1. Hi Julie!
    I'm so sorry for your hand, hope you'll get better soon!
    What a pity an awful end to such a lovely day!
    Please, keep us informed!:)))
    Best wishes,

  2. Poor you!
    Huge hugs from me!
    Loved the tour of Bristol ;-)

  3. Oh no, after such a wonderful day.
    Now I want to see Bristol for myself, I've never been, but it looks fabulous.
    I love the people sculptures, have only seen a couple abroad, I wonder if there are more around the country - Chester seems a likely place.
    The Banksy exhibition looks fantastic - just up our street.
    Thanks for showing us this taster.

  4. oh no Julie, poor you!
    thanks for the tour of Bristol, you made me feel quite home sick!!, i used to go to Bristol from wsm quite a lot, we brought my engagement ring from bristol, so its extra special!
    take care, fliss xx

  5. Hi Julie! How are you today???
    Do you mind if I've tagged you on my blog? Hope you will accept and join in!


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