Sunday, 7 June 2009

Hot and Sunny

How things can change in a week.
Last weekend through to this Friday
it was hot and sunny then the
heavens opened all day yesterday and today
Last week I wondered round the garden with my camera
and just clicked and clicked
here are some of my pictures

This rose bush always reminds me of the
rose bush in Lewis Caroll's
Adventures of Alice in Wonderland
where the cards are painting the roses white
(or is it the other way round?)

The Alliums turning to seed

This noisy Blackbird hunting for the family tea

Jenson (next door's cat) on the prowl


The honey bee hunting for nectar

Culinary Lavender

Not sure what this flower is called
but I'm sure one of you kind people will
tell me what it is
Lovely bright red Geum

My lettuces which I am proud of
because the slugs and snails have usually
got to them first!
And......... this is what happens when you
leave the wax crayon in a very hot conservatory!
The tube is the cover of the crayon


  1. julie: nice pictures!
    i have no idea what the flower is.. makes me think of "borage"

    and what happened with the crayon, how did you clean the mess?
    xoxo, vivi

  2. he he
    thats the sort of thing Joshy does! I found a snap card in the bath the other day!! xxx


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