Sunday, 17 May 2009

ooooooh........I See Faces...............

On the pasty for my lunch

Inside a vintage radio


In pictures printed on fabric

On pot plant instructions

Behind traffic on the motorway!



  1. hi! thanks for your message :)
    i'm fine, but with some family matters that make me feel not so blogger
    i'm sewing and painting though, and i will be posting again soon
    hugs and kisses for you

  2. I see faces in odd places too, i love the plug faces they are so cute!
    we have got naughty pixies and similar stories in our enid blyton bk but its not an old book its a new version of the original, i think they have changed bits as they are not pc enough for modern times. I must email you those patterns, sorry for the delay I need to get them scanned in first!

  3. Hi there..thanks for your comments on mine.. have sort of met me!!
    Are you coming to the V&H Fair?
    Sal ;-)

  4. I love all the faces in unusual places! On my Mutant Trees blog I saw them in floorboards!


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