Thursday, 31 August 2017

August Scavenger Hunt 2017


Something beginning with an M........
Marbles on the Solitaire board

Time for........
The tea I shared with a friend 
on my friend Denise's birthday at 
Lock's Victorian Tearooms Dunster

Colour tangerine is used in this 1950's embroidery
(click on picture for a closer look)

Something beginning with an O........
The octagonal box was full of chocolates

The whiskery model of Hagrid at Harry Potter World

A pretty knitted lace christening dress on display
at the Victoria and Albert Museum London

Packhorse Bridge at Allerford Nr Porlock Somerset


My choice
A statue of The Ancient Mariner 
at Watchet Harbour Somerset
 here and here

Monday, 14 August 2017

Week Thirty-Two

I should have done this yesterday but I don't know where the day went, I haven't done my weeks of the year since week 20 back in May, but you see we haven't done much, we haven't been out or away.  We had a family get together in week 25 but really not many photos were taken that day.........  I see we are over halfway through the year!

This week we saw our grand-daughter turn eight years old!  We went last Monday and had a wonderful day with her and her brother and sister, lunch out.